How Puzzling!
2004-08-12 22:53:48 ET

Heh, I am of the thought right now that someone should buy me this:
And hey, if it actually works, all the better right...right...::Looks around, hears crickets chirping:: Oh, you know you want it, what could be better than enduring pain and pleasure beyond what is capable on this earthly plain? And you know, being skinned alive and turned into a living pile of flesh and nerves....that is fun, yeah. Heh, I think on my official "List of Frivilous, Silly, and completely Unessecary Things I desire." this is at the very top!

2004-08-12 23:06:35 ET

I'd get it for you, but I'm afraid I would find a number of good uses for it here in Alaska. *eyes weirdo mountain people*

2004-08-12 23:31:44 ET

Heh, yes, the Puzzle Box has limitless uses, they should sell them on QVC, just imagine what that would be like!

2004-08-13 02:26:27 ET

that's pretty kool

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