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2004-09-15 23:52:56 ET

So, a few days ago, I posted some more auctions on ebay, any case any of you folks are interested,here is a page of all the items I am selling right now: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&since=-1&userid=divinedecay&rows=50&sort=3&include=0&rd=1
I have come to the conclusion that I simply have too much stuff and need to rid myself of it at throughly discounted prices. Hopefully, the money I make from these auctions will be enough to cover the cost of the dress I want, from the Lip Service "At Your Service" Line of a few years ago, the military fetish themed line than I am consumed with collecting, if I get that dress, I will only need two more, highly difficult to find pieces from that set! Also, last week, I ordered my first pair of New Rocks, I am hoping that perhaps they will arrive in time for the Ministry, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and Hanzel und Gretyl show, falling on the 22 of September, but I do not know how likely that is. I am simply foolishly excited over the prospect of receiving them, I spent almost my entire paycheck on the boots, at least I have heard from friends and associates that they last forever....forever in shoe years being several years in people years, heh.
Another little tidbit that might be amusing to all of you, on Tuesday night, my mother and I decided that we would dye my hair, which seemed like a great idea, in theory. You see, I have never dyed my own hair before, I love my hair, I generally only entrust it to experts who work with hair for a living but being poor and my natural roots driving me mad influenced me to buy the dye and give it the old college try. Well, it seemed to go well enough at first and actually, the job itself was decent, not perfect but than it was my mother helping me, she is not learned in such things. After the process of waiting for the dye to set in, I realized, a tad too late, that it had stained the back of my neck and a bit on the left side of my face! Oh fiddlesticks, I knew I had forgotten something, to use some cold cream or vasoline on my hairline before using the dye, um, opps. So now, I have pleasant dark dye marks on the back of my neck and one slight one near my left eye, so much for that experiment eh? I have tried several different things to try to rid myself of the objectional marks but alas, nothing has worked of yet, does anyone have any advice for poor me? >_<

2004-09-16 18:25:27 ET

:D nail polish remover ! it works great, but wash your skin right away to avoid irritation.

2004-09-17 23:42:10 ET

what did you use to dye it? i too have never done my own, i always have a pro do it. its pretty much grown out now but graying(not bad yet but i know i will dye it again and prolly maintain it at home) and i dont like the thought of having to go to the salon all the time. let me know how the color wears(does it fade etc.how long it last etc.)

2004-09-18 11:04:43 ET

Vix: Actually, it is starting to fade on it's own, and I did try nail polish remover, one of the little pads.
Moon: I used Jerome Russel's B Wild, one of the overpriced brands we sell at Hot Topic. Yes, I agree, going to the salon is quite the bother for me as well plus it is so pricey! I shall keep you up to date on how the color is keeping. ~_^

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