Bow your heads!
2004-09-27 11:31:16 ET

Heh, just thought I would place a tagline up there that would get your attentions, all should bow at the altar of Ministry! It has been a rather eventful few days. First off, on Wednesday, I went to the Ministry show, it was packed, there were more people than I would have expected since they were playing two more shows up in West Hollywood at the end of the week. I had to go alone, sigh, since my friend Jeff cancelled on me, I do believe I mentioned this in a former entry, but at least I wound up meeting up with some friends so that softened my annoyance at that unfortunate situation, shows are better watched when you are accompanied by someone you know. Hanzel und Gretyl opened and let me just say this, they were awesome! They blew everyone away with how good they were, fabulous live, great stage show, plus, Loopy, the guitarist, was wearing combat boots, lederhosen, and a WW1 German Spike Helmet, it is like my dreams, except better! Their set however, was way too short, I would love to have the oppurtunity to see them headline their own show, that would be quite the treat.
Than the second act was My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. I was expecting a show at least near the level of Hanzel und Gretyl since TKK had a longer set to work with but I was disappointed. I am not quite sure why, some of it had to do with the fact that on that particular night, they seemed a bit lackluster, and the rest was simply based on the fact that while I like TKK, I own a couple of their cds, I do not love them, certainly not to the extent that I admire HUG and Ministry. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being, perhaps when I see them again, they will be better. Heh, I might have just been comparing them to Hanzel und Gretyl though, who were just so great.
Last but certainly not least, came Ministry. I was expecting them to be great and of course, they were. They had a great stage show, I was very excited, this being the first time seeing my favorite band live, and I was not let down in the least bit. The first half of their show was made up of playing songs from their newest album, which was cool, especially the first song of the set, "No W." But, the second half was even better, playing their classics, some of my favorite songs, "NWO", "Just One Fix", and "Thieves." I was a tad disappointed that they did not play my two favorite songs, "Stigmata" and "So What?" but perhaps next time I see them, they will, so that does not dampen my enthusiasm. Their set did not seem particularly long, only about an hour and a half, less I think but they had great energy the entire show. The only truly annoying part was the fact that we were at stage level and the pit was right in front of us so thusly, people in the pit would bump into the guy in front of me who in turn, would bump into me, after that happened a few times, I was rather aggravated which resulted in me pushing back everytime someone pushed into me, heh, but that is what I get for being in that area eh? I left right after the show, I would have milled about but my friends were already leaving and besides, I was tired from standing up the entire time, my back was like, "Oh no, I don't think so!" So all in all, a great time was had by all.
So, on Friday night, I hung out with my friends Jeff, Duncan, and his friend Rose, and we all went to see Shaun of the Dead. Let's just say, I have not laughed like that in a long while, this was one of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen. The movie was fab, taking a rather basic horror movie formula and giving it an edge with the lovely wit the British are known for, I would like to see it again and that is rare for me. I suggest everyone who likes dark comedies or horror with humor to definitely check this movie out, you will not be disappointed. Unfortunately, the weekend took a nosedive from there since that very night after I returned home, I had a horrendus sore throat and spent all day Saturday in bed, drinking nothing but Propel Fitness Water, being miserable and wishing death upon all. I was supposed to work that day but had to call in, I felt so awful about that, it sounds silly, I know, I am chalking most of that up to being ill though. I did go to work the next day, though I was rather drained and tired, but I had said the prior day that I would come in, so I managed to keep my promise. Sigh, and I have to work today, so, yeah, I do not get a break, retail, she is a harsh mistress indeed!
And lastly, I just spent $337 on two items, hmm, does a pair of shoes count as one item or two, I am going with one for now. I finally purchased my first pair of New Rocks, I am quite excited at the prospect of receiving them, I am sure they will be spiffy! I also purchased a dress from , one of their lovely Cyber_Tek dresses, that cost me $95.00, plus shipping, which came out to $103. Yes, yes, I know, I am a bit obsessed with clothing and shoes but I am not the only one cursed with this affliction! Plus, I still have plenty of money leftover, I made almost $180 off six items I posted on Ebay so that certainly helped. So, yea Ebay, yea spending money! ^_^

2004-09-27 11:46:08 ET

ministry is pretty kick ass. i'll have to check out that shaun of the dead, it looked rather funny to begin with..

2004-09-27 12:15:56 ET

*hunger growl*

Oh nuts, I was going to say something, too.

ERm... yes! Shoes are good. Eh.... Maybe I'll remember later.

2004-09-27 21:45:03 ET

Klemmy: Yes, defintely go and check the film out, it is well worth the money it now costs to see a movie, argh, when did it get so expensive?
BrokenOne: Heh, well, when you remember, tell me, perhaps it will be something profound or earthshattering! Yes, shoes are most defintely good, maybe even great! ~_^

2004-09-28 06:36:13 ET

wonder if ministry every plays their old old stuff...from when Al thought it was great idea to sound like a gothic Softcell (still have them albums too...)

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