It's Crap!
2004-10-15 22:55:39 ET

Argh, sometimes my days are terribly irritating. Today was one of those such days. First off, I had to work, which always kind of puts a slight damper on any day, though today was not awful, business was constant, mostly people shopping for Halloween. Speaking of which, the amount of money people spend on an outfit they are probably going to wear one night is positively mind boggling, one young lady today spent nearly $100 on her Halloween outfit! Other than that, there was an issue with one of our registers being over $100 which is not happy at all, since you get written up if your register is over by $10 or more. Fortunately, I did not work on Thursday so my concern over the issue was lacking. Than, I went home at around five or so, I was tired, and I had a pounding headache. It seems that all the slight annoyances were getting to me, like it seemed as though every single person was staring at me, not that that is unusual but it was especially provoking today. And, best of all, when I was getting off the bus, my pvc coffin purse fell open, spilling out all it's contents onto the cold white asphalt. I muttered a few colorful metaphors as I scooped up my belongings. Only did I realize when I returned home that I had lost a very pricey foundation that I had been carrying with me and now, I have to spend $15 that I do not really have, I have maybe $100 to last me till my next paycheck which is not till next Friday, I should be fine though, but it is still rather vexing to have to spend money because of a purse malfunction. Then I was waiting at the bus stop and some idiot tried to engage me in conversation and I could no longer remain civil, I practically spewed my type of venom at the guy, trying to look as menancing and unfriendly as possible and anyone who knows me is aware that that can be a particularly frightening sight! Needless to say, after some muttering, and probably calling me a bitch, he left me alone, but than said that I had scared him, which I found to be amusing. At least I had a nice if not slightly cold dinner waiting for me at home and I pretty much just cat napped for the remainder of the evening until I picked up my newest work of non-fiction, a thought provoking book called "The Serial Killer Files" which goes into great detail about all thing relating to lustmord, the German phrase which is simply a shortening of the original term for serial killer which was lust murderer. And no, I am not creepy at all....really...shut up.
Yet another subject bothering me tonight was the fact that I am going to the Haunt on Sunday and the dress I ordered over three weeks ago has not arrived yet. I bought a dress off for this occasion, because I like to buy new outfits for special occasions. The week I purchased said dress, the site let me know that they did not have the particular size or color I desired but that next week, they would be getting in new stock. Two weeks after that week, I finally email them, wondering what is up and they return my message, telling me that they just got the stock in and sent my dress out, that it should arrive to me within three days. That was Monday, more than three days later, and guess what, no dress. They have one more day to get it to me or Divine Decay is going to be throwing a fit of epic proportions! Plus, I received my order from , a pair of Cy-X Biohazard Googles and the awesome Plastik Wrap Lex pants, which, alas, are too big, being that I bought a size large and did not take into account the generous sizing of Plastik Wrap nor my recent weight loss, sigh, it is just one thing after another for me, I swear it! Well, at least I won a few auctions, I finally got the first Angel Sanctuary artbook which I have been seeking and this Lip Serivice Military style shirt that I have been wanting for awhile, which is part of the reason I have no money right now. I shall leave it at this for the time being, I shall write a full review of The Haunt in the next week. Ta for now dolls!

2004-10-15 23:10:42 ET

never bought any plastic clothing but i could see that if u're buying it, u want it to be tight, so that would piss me off too....

2004-10-16 07:18:42 ET

$100 on halloween outfit? wow...
sounds pretty bad about the delaying dress thing; how could it take more than 3 weeks? that's something to be pissed off.

2004-10-16 17:00:49 ET

Thank you for the comments, and the dress did not even come today, so I am ever so pissed right now! >_<;

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