2004-11-02 13:33:48 ET

For those of you who saw the title of my entry and were hoping to hear me talk about the progressive metal band by the same name, sorry to let you down. I am speaking of my terrible weekend, which of course began with the removal of my ingrown toenail which completely ruined anything fun I could have done this weekend. Friday was rather uneventful, I was invited to attend the Bondage Ball in Hollywood be several friends which I had to decline because my foot was too sore, which was quite upsetting because I had never went and really wanted to go before I moved to MO, but, alas, that did not happen. On Saturday, I worked closing, I could not wear any of the cool outfits I had in mind because they all involved wearing boots which I cannot at this time, so I just threw together a Gothic Lolita inspired outfit with my Stitch in Time minidress, we were very busy with last minute Halloween shoppers, which I rightfully looked down upon, who in their right mind would late till the night before Halloween to get their bloody costume, I mean, honestly!
That night, after work, I went home and relaxed, chosing to watch Indie Screams: Italiano on IFC, where they were showing various films by the Master of Itailan Horror, Dario Argento, including his masterpiece and one of my favorite horror movies, Suspiria, which not nearly enough people have seen. Unfortunately, they showed one of the edited versions of the gorgeous film, which did not completely cut the violent scenes but instead, sheared off parts of the scenes that were the most brutal, such as in the opening 15-20 minutes of the film, which, btw, have never been rivaled in any horror movie since, where the first girl is murdered in one of the most horrid death scenes ever, imagine watching a lovely girl being stabbed repeatedly with a knife, than watching the knife being stabbed into her still beating heart, than her being electrocuted and the wire wrapped around her neck so that when she falls through the stain glass windown, she is hung. Best part is at the end of the scene when they pan down and another girl has been impaled by the falling pieces of the glass, one lodged right through the middle of her face. Despite the brutality, the entire scene is art directed within an inch of it's life and is just so beautiful and creative, that is why I love Italian horror! And they edited it, I was so upset, I was bitching about it the remainder of the night, as silly as that sounds, I think I was just altogether annoyed with the weekend.
Sunday was the absolute worst, I did nothing all day, except watch horror movies, I was contacted by several friends, trying, in vain, to get me to go out with them, but I simply could not chance screwing up my foot and causing permanant damage for one night of frolicing! So, I spent my night watching the Masters of Horror, which was hosted by Bruce Campbell, which was terribly entertaining, and feeling bitter since everyone else I knew was having fun and I was doing what I always seem to do on Halloween, brood in my room. I am only hoping that this month will prove to be better for me, I have several shows planned and the like, so, I do have some expectations. Well, I shall leave it at this, I hope the rest of you had enjoyabe Halloweens! ^_^
Current Music: The Soundtrack to Suspiria

2004-11-02 16:44:10 ET

I had felt bad that I didn't call you to see what you were doing because I didn't get back in around HB until about 10 and I figured that would be too late. At least now I can feel better knowing that I didn't annoy you trying to enjoy a night of watching movies.

2004-11-03 22:55:25 ET

Heh, well, I tend to watch movies every night so it would have been no bother, it would have been nice to be able to do something this Halloween weekend though! >_<

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