Feh and other related expressions
2004-11-09 00:45:29 ET

Blah, what an awful couple of days. But before I begin, I want to wish my best friend Luci a speedy recovery from being ill, poor dear, the virus, my most terrible foe! I hope the Lenore shirt I bought for you in my last Hottopic.com order and the other assorted goodies I throw in will make you feel better! Well, on Sunday, for starters, I had made plans the night before to go to a few clubs on Sunday night, it was an ideal situation, I worked opening that day at work and I had the next day off. But did it happen, no, of course not, my friend did not even call me up, telling me what was up, needless to say, I was quite annoyed with him, not quite so much now, but I was than certainly! I have not been to a club in nearly two months and I have been feeling rather restless lately, especially with my toe healing nicely as it is, I can finally wear boots again!
And than today, I had plans to go and finally see Saw but those plans too, feel through because another dear friend of mine also had troubles, mind you, not all were his fault but still, calling me at noon and than not again till four in the afternoon will get me a bit tiffed, plus, we had no ride and thusly, he expected me to walk, which I had no intention on doing so when he finally made his way, oh, around six, I kindly sent him away. Later, I felt a bit guilty about dispatching him in such a cold, contrite manner, but I was really irritated at the time with his lack of keeping me updated on the situation. Once again, as usual, my anger is a raging storm that quickly is spent, so, I am not quite so pissed as I was earlier. And another thing, for some reason, I am having trouble drawing all of a sudden, I am trying hard to get a 5000 hits drawing done for our site but now, I feeling utterly uninspired. Also, I am trying to do the picture in the style of the mangaka who does Alichino who's name escapes me right now, sigh, and her style is ridiculously hard to do, but when I get my mind set on something, come Hell or high water, I shall prevail!
But please, do not feel completely awful for me, my last few days have not been truly horrible, I won a rare Lip Service skirt, the black and burgandy gas mask skirt from the Clear Age line, an extremely difficult piece to find but a medium so I am not sure it will fit! I also bought a new Illig skirt from our Hot Topic online store, but alas, for some reason, they did not have the Lip Service Straight Jacket I wanted or the H.R. Giger model either, argh!! I suppose all of us have days like these, if I were a more optimistic soul, I would say that things can only get better, I tend to think on the pessimistic angle of things, as in things can and probably will get worse before they get better. Heh, at least they will eventually get better though right...right....damn, someone throw me a freaking bone here! Ha, alright, enough, I hope my trials have at least made some of you feel better about your own luck. I also added several new pictures, one of me in a cowboy hat, all for you Lars doll! ^_^

2004-11-09 02:09:13 ET

r u going to kmfdm ? if so we should meet up !

2004-11-09 09:59:18 ET

Ooooh, a hat. Spiffy.

The seattle show?

2004-11-09 12:31:23 ET

Predator: I sure am, and we should meet up, I would love to get to know you better! ^_^
BrokenOne: I am assuming you are being sarcastic, but it is spiffy so ;p. No, the KMFDM show is in Anaheim, in Orange County, CA.

2004-11-09 16:52:02 ET

Hehehe cute...

2004-11-09 21:18:41 ET

Phoenix: Why, thank you partner! ~_^

2004-11-10 15:36:07 ET

Nope, no sarcasm. Hats are cheap crowns.

2004-11-10 21:21:12 ET

BrokenOne: Oh good, I can never tell anymore, it seems like everyone is sarcastic, myself included and I do agree, hats are keen gear.

2004-11-10 22:37:51 ET

My elbow is itchy. Woe is me.

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