2004-11-27 23:19:16 ET

Ew, I hate the holidays, Christmas music abounds now, there is a radio station that plays nothing but holiday tunes, all day, it is enough to make any reasonably sane person lose their minds, no wonder people are so miserable around the holidays.
I am going to see Skinny Puppy tonight, and I do not have to work, which means I will have great energy tonight, you know, as energetic as I get. Unfortunately though, I do not know of any of my friends that might be going as well, figs, I hate going to any sort of event alone, I always feel so awkward and due to the fact that I look so unapproachable, no one ever talks to me! >_<; Another negative, the outfit I ordered did not arrive, I ordered a top from Heavy Red and a new Illig Skirt from the H-Tizzle site and neither one got here, I was intensely annoyed by that, I paid extra for next day shipping for a reason! ::Kicks:: So now, I have to wear something slightly less new, oh no, anything but that, having to wear something people have seen me in before. And yes, that was sarcastic, lately, people have not been able to tell with me, alright, not just lately, most of the time, am I really that sarcastic that it blends seamlessly with my entire personality?<BR> So, in closing, I have a few questions.
One, am I the only person who cannot stand those Peeps candies, the ones they have around every holiday, those horrible marshmellow brightly colored confections that are nothing but sugar, oh, they are so nasty!
And two, is anyone on here going to the Skinny Puppy show tomorrow and would not mind palling around with me for a spell, I am much nicer and more pleasant than I would leave you to believe, you just got to get past my suspicious and slightly paranoid nature, and getting me to talk is helpful as well. Heh, well, ta for now dolls!

2004-11-28 03:36:59 ET

I too cannot stand the Peeps candies.

I actually threw up last year after having one. They are quite disgusting.

I am not going to the Skinny Puppy show unless they come to Iraq which is not going to happen so I can't spend time with you for a spell. Sorry.

2004-11-28 14:44:44 ET

Yes those things are disgusting.

No I will be at work. Hope you have fun though dear.

2004-11-28 14:55:46 ET

Vasa: Wow, actually vommitting, ouch for the people who make Peeps not that they do not deserve it for making such an evil, disgusting candy.
Phoenix: Work, poor boy, I will have fun enough for the both of us, how is that? ~_^

2004-11-28 14:59:41 ET


2004-11-28 19:25:51 ET

my sister loves the Peeps.

I think they're hideously disgusting.

2004-11-29 23:11:20 ET

peeps candies are so wrong, whether they taste like easter, christmas, or soylent green.

let's take over the airwaves with our pirate radio station.

2004-11-30 13:08:27 ET

Lol, yes, let's stop the Peeps before it is too late, we can still save the world from sugary, rainbow colored death! ~_^

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