Worst. Night. Ever!
2004-11-29 22:47:31 ET

"The LA Times says that now 63% of American families are considered dysfunctional. I say good!...When Armageddon comes rolling around, the other 37% of people are going to be losing their minds, going "Oh my god, what am I going to do?!" The other 63% of us are going to be like "Hm, no one is watching the Lexus dealership, we are going to be riding into Armageddon with leather seats and a cd player!" - Christopher Titus
I love Titus, I forgot how truly funny he was, I enjoyed his short lived show on Fox, a few years ago, very underrated in my opinion. I just mention this because I watched his new comedy special on Cable a few night ago, twice, it was that great.
Now on to the reason I decided to write this entry. First off, I was planning on not letting anyone know about this being that is it rather embarassing to say the least but you know, whatever, I have read worse so I might as well throw in my two cents into the crappiest nights ever pile. So, last night was the Skinny Puppy show, I was quite excited about seeing them, though I had already had the privilage earlier this year. I went with a few friends to the House of Blues in Anaheim, a venue I have seen shows at several times in the past, a venue I do not really have any issues with, until Sunday night that is. Now my friend in question, I will spare him the humiliation, had lost his id at a club recently, thusly, was not able to buy drinks, though he was of legal drinking age. So, he asked me to buy drinks for him and a couple of his friends, plus some really awesome people we had just met that night, I chatted with them for quite a while during the opening act that no one had any interest in. I did not want to buy the drinks, I felt a bit iffy about the entire thing, and I tried to get him to get someone else to do it, but I ended up doing so anyways, mostly out of pity, I myself was not thirsty as I only drink Smirnoff and Bacardi, and HOB does not sell either brand. So, I buy the drinks, throwing a bit of my own money in since the person paying for the drink only gave me a twenty and than passed out the drinks. No more than a minute or two later, my friend and I are both pulled over by security and forced to leave the venue, quite abruptly and rather rudely in my opinion. So, because of that, I did not get to see one minute of the show, for which I had bought tickets for weeks in advance in case it sold out, I was so upset, I seriously almost started crying, partly due to the fact I am on PMS right now, I am sure that was mostly responsible in fact. Besides that, I have never been thrown out of anywhere before, though really, I was not terribly embarassed, it is always interesting when those conversations come about where you and your friends talk about the places they have been thrown out of and why, now I have something to say, see, this is me trying to put a slightly brighter, more positive spin on an otherwise horrible situation. So my friend and I spent the next about two hours roaming Downtown Disney, freezing our bloody arses off, I swear, this is the coldest it had ever been since I have lived in Ca, plus, it was windy which meant there was wind chill, bloody hell, it was so cold and everything was closing, we ended up having to take refuge in the damn ESPN Zone till midnight, the show ended not too long after that, fortunately. We passed out flyers in the cold to the people leaving the show, plugging my friend's new gothic club that is opening next week in Huntington Beach, yes, yet another OC gothic club experiment, hopefully this one will actually be sucessful. Than to try to salvage some sort of fun out of the horrendus evening, we went to Chamber, which did not help in the least bit, it was completely dead and the music was utter crap, and the songs I did like, I could not dance to well since I was wearing my New Rocks and they are just too heavy and bulky to dance in. I just drowned my sorrows in a Smirnoff and we went home before the club even let out, there was no reason to stay. So, yeah, that was my night in a nutshell, now, tell me you have a worse couple of hours recently, I doubt it, but please do tell me, maybe I will not feel as bad, I will be like "Hm, glad I am not that guy!"
Today I went to work, I had to close, no one could give me a ride home, every one of my friends was busy with something or had car problems, so I had to get one of the managers to give me a ride home, so tonight was not great either. I bought a few new items, this cute olive drab military style top, a new gothic/industrial compilation cd, and an H.R. Giger calender. At least I got my skirt today, you know, the day after the day I wanted to wear it, always good, that. Argh, I am just hoping I can salvage something out of this week. I want to go to Das Bunker this week, En Esch, formerly of KMFDM and now of Slick Idiot, is going to be spinning and Babyland is playing, at least if I could go to that, it would partially make up for Sunday's debacle, I have to close that night though, I am simply debating asking someone to take the shift, except I need the hours. Feh, it is always something when it comes to me, my life can never just be simple, something has to complicate it, for one who loathes drama as much as I do, I certainly seem to get dragged into it often. >_<;

2004-11-30 00:30:16 ET

girl you needs to be at bunker ! 0_o

2004-11-30 13:10:03 ET

Predator: Are you going to be there doll, maybe we can finally have that chance to get to know each other better, that would be keen! ;)

2004-11-30 20:16:40 ET

yeah i will be there !!!

2004-11-30 22:15:07 ET

Than I will try my damndest to be there too dollface! With bells on, that'll be noisy when I dance. ~_^

2004-12-01 16:39:52 ET

Damn. That sucks. Hard. *blinkblink*

2004-12-02 22:12:24 ET

SlideRail: Yes, well, I deserved it, punishment for doing something I knew was foolish, now I will never do it again, a hard lesson but a nessecary one. I feel better now, I can look back and have a chuckle at my own expense. ^_^

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