Drunk Rocker!
2004-12-12 21:52:18 ET

Heh, I was pictured on DrunkRockers.com, I am all proud of myself, not the best picture of me I will say, but hardly the worst. Alas, this was after getting thrown out of Skinny Puppy, and I do not have my goggles on but all and all, a decent pic.
http://www.drunkrockers.com/CHAMBER_NOV_28_04_P_/CHAMBER_NOV_28_04_042_P__jpg_view.htm Too bad my face is so round, but I have always had that problem, silly full cheeks. *Pinches*
So, it has been a little bit since my last post, I have not been up to much, mostly working, lots of working. As I surmised, much of the seasonal help we hired have either quit or got fired, sigh, kids these days, why, in my day, kids were responsible, polite, and punctual...no, I am lying, kids have never been any of those things, least of all teenagers. I am all for raising the minimum hiring age at Hot Topic to 18 instead of 16, perhaps we would not have nearly the problems we do now. I miss last year when I met several of my good friends during our holiday seasonals, like Mr. Turbo and Mr. Shia, they are still close friends over a year later, huzzah. Today was my third day in a row working, I actually work five days in a row, than a day off, I only have two days off this week, yes, not that I terribly mind the hours, more money for me, yea, to pay for gifts and cosplays, and other such wonderful things! I bought a new purse/bag today, an olive drab messanger bag with a medical red and white cross symbol on it, I plan to purchase many industrial/gothic patches to place on it, ah, if only I could sew, I suppose I will have to contend with merely safety pinning it on. You know, I just might be able to sew, to be perfectly honest, I have never worked on a machine before and have not sewn a thing since I was in grade school, yes, that long, I am one of those types that if they do not succeed at something immediately, they usually never attempt it again! Sigh, I get discouraged easily, that seed of self doubt begins to creep in and I crawl back into my protective cocoon to shield myself from failure.
I have been trying to limit the amount of new clothing I buy, I bought a new skirt and top from HotTopic.com, both pieces by Illig, the military sweater top is very cute but the skirt I am not terribly fond of, I wore it today but it sits too high, I prefer skirts to sit on my hips, ah well, I hate it when clothing in the same brand do not fit the same, cough*Lip Service*cough. It will probably just join the rest of the stuff that I never wear, along with several of it's Illig kin, other long skirts that I do not find the occasion to wear, looks like another rash of Ebay auctions.
Once again, I am obsessing over my weight, I want to lose 10lbs, or at least five, so I am planning on joining a fitness club while the rates are so low due to the holidays and everyone else worrying about a few extra inches. I only get chided at for mentioning this, but I do not see anything particularly wrong with wanting to better myself, heh, I still eat, just not as much and I watch what I eat more than ever now, it has helped, I look better now than I have for most of my adolescant/adult life. I am just thankful I get paid this week so I can purchase gifts and be done with it, this will be my last check of the month, I had best make it last, hopefully, in conjunction with the auctions I hope to post within the next week or so, I will have plenty of money to pay for everything. And in closing, I am quite pleased about Luciferette finishing my Myoubi cosplay, I cannot wait to see it tomorrow! ^_^

2004-12-12 22:00:03 ET

Congrats on getting your picture on that site. Heh. You don't look terribly happy or pleased in any manner.

What Cosplay convention are you planning on going too?

2004-12-13 15:22:55 ET

Vasa that is the way that Pam normally looks lol. Every now and again she'll have a wee smile on her face but it disappears quickly.

2004-12-13 20:27:52 ET

Vasa and Phoenix: Heh, yes, quite true, my usual look is something like this, in emoticon form: -_-; I generally prefer a look of apathy, one never knows what I am scheming!

2004-12-14 19:16:49 ET

heh, well I too have the skill of disconnecting my inside feelings from my outside look but you make me wonder if you even enjoyed being at the concert or having your pic taken. Don't kill the photographers!

2004-12-14 22:39:15 ET

Vasa: Actually, I got thrown out of the concert for a really silly reason so yes, I was not in the best of moods when the picture was snapped and I do dislike having my picture taking, I am not particularly photogenic. Lol, the photographer was quite nice actually so no homicidal thoughts! ~_^

2004-12-14 22:44:45 ET

Damn, you got thrown out? You should have declared jyhad and killed them!

you take great photos! take more. Anyways, I was taught that if you don't like the way your photos look take more and look at them so you can find out what you have to do to make yourself look good in pics.

For me, I have to take pics with my head turned a little. My face is huge. I also try to hide the profile of my body because it makes people see how huge I am. :( I have super tiny ears though.

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