Yea, no more holidays...except New Year...damn...
2004-12-25 22:40:33 ET

Yes, I am pleased to say that the holiday season is almost officially done and over with, until next year that is but hopefully, I will no longer be working in retail. While that is not likely to happen, I am still going to pretend as though it is going to happen eventually. And guess what, I get to work today, the day after X-Mas, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, at least we should not get the Noah's ark level flood of returns just yet, but I am bracing for that! I rung in this X-Mas holiday with double showings of one of my favorite horror movies of all time, Suspiria, yes, I was all full of the holiday spirit after that! Yesterday was so so, not too much to brag about but not much to complain about either, I was given a new CD, the DVD Videodrome, one of David Cronenberg's classic films, and $100 from my fasher, which I hope to use to help to buy me a pair of 20 Hole, steel toed Dr. Marten Boots. And I have been suddenly overtaken with an intense desire to shop, which I should chose to ignore, I need to spend my money on other things, must exercise self restraint! Oh, but what is the fun in that?
On a positive note, I was able to see the extended version of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, which was splendid, though some of the scenes that were edited from the original film, well, it was simply pointless to cut them out, some of them actually seemed to help explain certain parts of the film but ah well, maybe they thought no one would want to sit through a 4 1/2 hour movie, I did, and enjoyed it! But than I have an insane level of patience and calm, so thusly, I can sit through anything, well, anything decent anyways, I am not going to torture myself watching a 3+ hour director's cut of "Dude, Where's my Car?" Oh my lack of God, what if something like that actually existed, surely that must be one of the signs of the Apocolypse, heh, I suppose that would make Ashton Kutcher the AntiChrist, would anyone really be surprised? Yes, I know, I am just being silly now, it is late and I spent the entire day with family, brr, scariness!
And on a completely unrelated note, the latest entry on my "Strange Things that Irk Me" List, we got in this new choker, a cheap little item for baby bats to sink their fangs into, felt made to resemble velvet with an ankh hanging off of it for ornament...with skulls on it. Only Hot Topic would add skulls to the symbol of everlasting LIFE! I think I know how the mind of Hot Topic works now, look at this boring shirt/pants/skirt/dress, I know, I'll add a skull to it, that'll make it look spooky and alternative, than parents will question wether or not their kids are involved with the Occult, because if you like skulls, than you must have an affliation with Satan. *Rolls eyes, arms crossed* Am I silly for being irritated by this, like I said, my annoyance appears at odd times for usually ridiculous, unimportant things...heh, wait, do not answer that, I am silly, I know this. ;p

2004-12-26 01:57:43 ET

does hot topic even know that all their cds they sell (cept the compilations) are cheaper everywhere else?

2004-12-26 09:30:29 ET

Videodrome is amazing. There's a new remastered version on Critereon DVD. I want to see if it's different from the old release.

2004-12-26 14:22:38 ET

There are more holidays to come. Don't let your gaurd down!!!
By the way Happy Boxing Day.

2004-12-26 17:24:19 ET

Klemmy: Yes, they do, they just don't care. You see, at our crappy mall, there are no more music stores, therefore, we are the only store which sells cds, yes, a monopoly, fantastic!
Analog: Oh, a fellow fan, huzzah! I wanted the Criterion version but I received the old version, ah well, either way, tis a great movie!
Phoenix: No more holidays!!! *Runs away screaming*

2004-12-26 18:40:34 ET

we have an fye in ours besides hot topic and they too have no idea that Best Buy and Circuit City are cheaper.

2004-12-26 18:44:20 ET

i fucking hate christmas and im glad its over with.

hope you has a good one :) !!!

p.s. new year better rock

2004-12-27 17:30:28 ET

Crash is sexy too. That's my other favorite Cronenberg movie.

2004-12-27 21:44:57 ET

Analog: That is actually my favorite Cronenberg film, that is either great, or disturbing, depending on one's opinion. ;p

2004-12-31 11:23:09 ET

It's hot. That's all I need to say. ...Especially that woman in the leg braces.

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