Early Morning Ramblings
2005-01-03 23:30:27 ET

Allo all. I hope you had a safe and happy New Year. I did, though mine was almost the New Year that was not since my parents were a bit meh on the idea of my going out, what with all the evil drunk drivers bent on killing themselves and anyone else who happens to be in their way. Talk about paranoia, I mean, tens of millions of people go out to celebrate New Years and how many of those actually get injured or die, I am guessing not an overly large number. I went to an intimate get together with a few friends and we spent the evening indoors, watching horror films and there was much assorted merry making. We watched Phantasm, heh, I forgot just how campy that movie is, we laughed most of the time while watching it, everyone should watch the movie, it is funnier than most comedies movies. At midnight, we toasted the New Year with delicious sour apple Smirnoffs, mm, Smirnoff.
And once again, the desire to rant about work is prevalent within me. I got a total of eight hours of work this week, eight hours! That is insane, I mean, that is only two shifts, and I was the lucky one, everyone else received one shift I believe, so yes, I am special I suppose. Sales associate seniority means nothing at the H-Tizzle, I have come to realize that now, we are keeping three of our seasonals though none of them stood out particularly much, I would be perfectly content just keeping the people we had before, at least than we would all receive more hours. Feh, I am such a bitch sometimes, I suppose I am like most other human beings in the respect that I am generally focused solely on my own needs and desires, it is inherent in all us glorified animals to concentrate on our own survival, sad, but true. Ah well, at least I will be going to Maschine on Wednesday though that does mean I will have to forgo my usual amount of sleep since I must be at work by 7:00am in the morning, one of the two days I work and it is at 7:00 in the morning, I mean, do they know, is that what it is, this is their way of punishing me for ever wanting to work retail!
I went to Chamber on Sunday, it was fun, though most of the time was spent conversing with friends on the smoking patio, freezing in the cold of the night and being rained upon, which was irking me since drops of water kept dripping off the umbrella I was standing under and onto my head, shoulders, back, so forth, on my lovely, pricey coat. Ah well, it is not like I had to pay for it or anything. ~_^
As of late, I have been bitten by the reading bug, especially interested in my Angels: A-Z Encyclopedia, I am sure the interests partially hails from my reading of Angel Sanctuary lately, one of my all time favorite mangas, but most of it is just due to a general interest in such subjects though I myself lack in any real spirituality, I am simply a seeker of knowledge, wether or not it has any direct effect on my own life. Which leads me to the inevitability that is my finally returning to school. I have not sought any sort of schooling since my high school days but now, I have regained my interest in pursuing my educational interests, I think perhaps I will go for my associate in Behavioral Science, it is something that I have had an interest in for years, since my pre adolescent days, it would probably be something that I would excel at though I am getting pressure from a few people to instead major in some sort of art type thing, which would be nice, it is just an uber competitive field, there are so many talented people out there, I am merely one of them, I doubt my artwork is exceptional enough to stand out much. I am far more interested in writing anyways, I excell at creative fiction writing, in short story and perhaps even novel form, perhaps when I have more time or money, I will invest my energy in one day writing a novel, I have a limitless number of ideas, I get inspired rather easily, I can create an entire character around something as simple as a name, I have done it before. Heh, yes, I know, enough of my foolish pride for one night! ^_^

2005-01-04 09:40:53 ET

Phantasm is the movie with the floating ball, right? I don't remember anything more about the movie than the old man and his floating ball of death.

2005-01-04 13:04:51 ET

Yep, it sure was, the flying balls of death with the Tall Man, who is actually an alien from another dimension who has come to our world to steal the bodies of the dead to use as slaves in his world...yeah, it's an odd plot. ;p

2005-01-04 13:10:00 ET

Hehe, how could I forget a story that memorable? ;P

And he only wanted dead bodies? Fuck it: he can have them if he wants them so bad.

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