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2005-02-02 14:12:30 ET

Well, I am feeling much better than I was a week ago, which is always a positive. Now I am in the stage of sickness known at the Hacking and Wheezing stage, or aka, The Obnoxious stage since your constant coughing and sniffling starts to wear on the nerves of all those around you. Physically, I am about 75% I would say, I am no longer experiencing the same malaise I was before, the exhaustion has passed, hell, I even started lifting weights again. I have been working a bit more lately, which is not saying much, since I am now averaging about 12 hours a week as opposed to 9, yea? At least this long layover between shifts has allowed me sufficient recovery time. Now, I will just list some random happenings.
* I won a pair of awesome spiderweb creepers on ebay, black and purple ones, for only $36! My only possible negative about that is that the creepers are a size 8 1/2 to 9, but I am hoping that even if they are a bit too big, I can still make them fit! ^_^
* I have posted a bunch of auctions on ebay, they will end tomorrow afternoon. So far, seven items have fetched me nearly $200, I am hoping that by the morrow, that number will be over $200, this will be a good chunk of my FL trip money.
* I have decided to start a new short story, I have written the foreword but that was before I fell ill. Now I just need to find the time and inspiration to get it started, I have been lacking in the inspiration department as of late, I hate when I experience these creative droughts.:(
* Lately, I have been watching Whose Line is it Anyways and have come to the decision that it is the funniest show on television, followed by the Simpsons as a close second. I have also come to the realization that I do not actually watch that much tv, which makes me wonder how I seem to pass the time, I am going with my periods of deep thought that last various lengths of time. I also think I should start reading more, as I seem to enjoy that more than I do watching television and even the Internet at times. I am going to start getting into my own independent studies before I finally relinquish my free time to school later this year.
* And my last comment is that I believe that Win Ben Stein's Money is a more difficult random useless knowledge show than Jeopardy. Heh, controversy! ~_^

2005-02-02 14:27:26 ET

The old whose line is it anyway was the best. The one with Drew Carey really kinda sucks in comparison.

2005-02-02 14:28:50 ET

Are you feeling decent enough to come down tonight?

2005-02-03 00:19:05 ET

Phoenix: I tend to agree, the British comedians certainly give it a more interesting flavor.

2005-02-03 19:19:05 ET matter what to story should have at least one dominatrix in it. And genitorture. those are the signs of a good story.

2005-02-03 21:40:59 ET

Analog: I am in total agreement, believe me, if I write it, it will have perversions of various kinds in it. ~_^

2005-02-03 21:52:10 ET

awesome. ;)

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