2005-02-19 22:24:23 ET

Argh, I am so very tired! I have not gotten much sleep in the last few days, plus, my left ear is bothering me, as if there is some sort of pressure that cannot seem to be relieved, it is so very distracting! I thought I would type out a quick entry, before I leave to go to Florida where it will probably be another week+ before I take out the time to write a new entry, but when I do, I should have some awesome con pictures to show you, you know you want to see me dressed in my adorable cosplays! The last week or so has been rather physically and mentally exhausting, for various reasons that I do not wish to go into detail about as of now, all my close friends know of what I speak of, and that is all that is really important. At least I am working more as of now, mostly due to the fact that two associates have quit in the last two weeks, plus an assistant manager, of who I was quite fond of, well, Tuesday is her last day, I will not even be there to bid her farewell, though she did threaten to *gasp* hug me on Monday before I leave, I asked her if I ran, would she chase me, heh, she said she would tackle me, and I believe her! When she leaves, I will be the longest tenured employee at our store, I cannot decide wether to be proud or ashamed of that fact, probably a little of column A, a little of column B. Of course, I will not be there much longer either unless by some miracle I am promoted in the next month, I am certainly not going to be holding my breath for that, even though I know I deserve a promotion after slaving at that subkulture K-Mart for a year and six months, yes, that long! o_0; Speaking of which, I did get another raise, a whole $.20, why, at this rate, I can retire in about 70 years! Huzzah!
Feh, at least my auctions have been going rather smoothly, except I am still awaiting payment for two items, won by the same person, who is not communicating with me in any way, so tomorrow, for the first time, I get to send a threatening email, yea, I have always wanted to do that, why, I might even get to leave my first negative feedback, oh yeah! Heh, I cannot decide if that sounds twisted or not, I will let you be the judge. Honestly though, I would rather have the money, I could really use it right now, as I am barely going to make it and unfortunately, it is one of those times on Ebay where there are many items that I desire, that always happens when I do not have the money to afford them. *Mutters*
Ah well, it will be nice to have a short respite from everything, I can forget all my troubles for a week and hang out with my bestest friend in the entire world. And when I get back, than I can start worrying again, oh goody, I cannot wait. And for those of you in the area, I will be at Chamber tonight, so if you can come, than do it, do it! *Shakes fist*

2005-02-19 22:55:10 ET

Have fun at Chamber, if I don't see you.
Have fun visiting america's wang. =p

2005-02-20 14:29:04 ET

Ha, one of my favorite Simpsons quotes!

2005-02-23 23:47:28 ET


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