The evil returns...
2005-03-01 16:12:15 ET

I'm baaaacccckkkk!
Come and shower me with your love!
Come on, where's the love?
Do it! *Shakes fist*
Ha, it is great to be back in Southern California, I must say. Look for an entry detailing my trip later this week! ~_^

2005-03-01 16:23:06 ET

what sort of evil?

2005-03-01 16:43:28 ET

WELCOME BACK YOU HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-03-01 21:56:38 ET

glad you had a safe trip ! bunker this week !

2005-03-03 17:41:22 ET

*showers you with love and earwigs*

2005-03-04 07:11:07 ET

so you did wind up moving to southern california!

Well if you had of done it last year I might not be in NY, weird...

2005-03-08 03:05:35 ET

I gotcher love right here!

2005-03-08 10:50:52 ET

Slide Rail: That's the kind of love I like! ~_^

2005-03-08 14:50:08 ET

Yes. And it's some savage lovin'.

That's how shit's done around here.

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