It's a trip!
2005-03-07 22:04:31 ET

Heh, so much for my "look for an entry detailing my trip later this week." statement, here it is a week later and I am finally getting to it. I have been so busy as of late, not that I am complaining, since most of that lack of free time is due to my actually having hours to work now. Despite that, I am still going job searching tomorrow, than bowling that evening, oh yes, myself bowling, it is as funny as it sounds, ah, if only I had a camara following me around 24 hours a day, Pam Cam! Ha, see, it's nifty because it rhymes, that makes it more creative in a way I do not wish to explain, too complicated. ;p
So, Florida was a joygasm, a terribly fun week all in all. I am one of those odd sorts who actually enjoy being in planes, though I was shocked to discover just now many people have an intense fear of heights, it is a rather common phobia I have come to learn. We only ended up attending MegaCon for one day, Sunday, which was not a big deal, I understood the circumstances behind it, and the day we did go was great fun, many people took our pictures, we did our DarkStalker group that day. For the uninformed, Darkstalkers is a video game put out by the company Capcom, the most well known character from the game is Morrigan, the beautiful succubus, which my bestest best friend Luciferette cosplayed wonderfully. I got to cosplay as BB Hood, or Bulleta, which is pretty much a psychotic Darkstalker hunter who dresses as Little Red Riding Hood, but carries a machine gun, apple bombs, and an exploding wine bottle in her basket, a different kind of goodies if you will. And, as promised, here are a few pictures taken at MegaCon, and yes, that is really me! When I saw this life sized figure, I knew I had to take my picture with it, being the insane Hellraiser fan I am though now upon seeing it, I wish I would have been reaching out to take the Lament Configuration away. *Snatches it, running off* Ha, I could not help myself, when I saw this guy dressed as a Nazi, I could not resist having my picture taken with him! This rates as a 10 on the Unintentional Comedy scale I think!
I cannot wait till the next con, there is the Pacific Anime Expo in May, I believe I might go one or two days, doing my Myoubi cosplay and my Rosiel Lord of Heaven cosplay if it is finished, if not, than I can do my other Rosiel cosplay, no big deal. Ha ha, you love my anime geekiness!
It is good to be back though, I do enjoy California despite all it's many faults, it is still superior to most other places I could be living currently. Except now the after trip financial doldrums are here, and I seriously have about $10 in my bank account, sigh, at least I get paid on Friday, yea, money! I will probably end up posting the rest of the auctions I have, for some extra cash, maybe so I can start buying the pricey glossy vinyl material my Rosiel coat will require. As it is, I have a busy week planned, with aforementioned job seeking and bowling antics, than work and Mashcine on Wednesday, than Joy Electric with Turbo and Predator on Thursday, than work all weekend, huzzah! *Falls over* Ah well, I can rest when I am dead! ~_^

2005-03-08 05:55:08 ET

Glad you had fun. Show more Pam cam. Maelstrom met that same pinhead guy.

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