"Kids, I have some bad news about the Easter Bunny..."
2005-03-24 21:31:59 ET

*[ WARNING ]* Not for fans of Easter, cute bunnies, colored eggs, or those who lack in a sense of humor. When I saw this, I laughed out loud, yes, I know, it is awful....awfully entertaining! Many thanks to my MySpace buddy Mattlike for leaving it on my comments page.

Sigh, I know, I am a terrible, terrible person. *Hangs head down in mock shame.* ~_^

2005-03-24 21:33:15 ET


2005-03-24 21:45:41 ET


that rox

2005-03-24 22:13:35 ET

Hahaha.. hilarious

2005-03-24 22:49:02 ET

I always giggle at that pic.

2005-03-25 03:00:20 ET

That is very humerous indeed.

2005-03-30 04:42:29 ET

Because I can take that picture a step further:

2005-03-30 15:01:38 ET

Ha ha, the kids will be talking about this in therapy years from now!

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