Adios California!
2005-04-04 22:22:25 ET

In case you did not get a look at Luciferette's overjoyed journal entry, I have come to a final decision on my future, and that decision is that I am going to move to Florida in the summer, after Anime Expo that is.
Yes, I know, this is quite a shift in sentiment when before I seem so determined to stay here in the So of Cal but I feel my oppurtunities are more varied there, living arrangements wise anyways, plus, I will be able to move in with someone I am very close to, get along with swimmingly, and someone I can trust fully financially.
Do not get me wrong, I adore all my friends here, you know who you are out there, but I believe this to be the right choice. Perhaps in the future I will return to California, since Luciferette does desire to move to the UK, but that will probably be at least a year from the time I move there, so it will be awhile.
But, that is several months from this time, so I plan just to enjoy my time remaining here with my fabulous friends and the lovely California weather and scene. Heh, just do not force me to spend money, as I will soon need to start saving up in anticipation of my move. I also plan to pursue a position at one of the local Marriotts that my dear friend Jeff works at, as they are offering full time employment, benefits, and $9.00 an hour to start off, with a possible promotion in six months which sounds like too good an oppurtunity to pass up.
At least now I feel as though my life is gaining some much needed direction, which is never a negative when it comes to me, I can be easily distracted at times....oh my lack of god, that dog has a poofy tail, here puffy, here puff! *Chasing after dog* ~_^

2005-04-04 22:33:43 ET

But, but, that woman is your exact double in life!

It's ok, we didn't want you here anyway.
Comming out wed.?

2005-04-04 22:50:58 ET

bye Pam.

2005-04-04 22:58:09 ET

HB: You love me and you know it! *Cries* Heh, yes, I will be there on Wed, as if you deserve the pleasure of my company though. *Crosses arms* ;p
Analog: *Waves* No goodbyes yet, I am not leaving till July! ^_^

2005-04-05 01:34:15 ET

Woot! ::steals you away::

2005-04-05 08:51:26 ET

yer gonna luv it in tha souwth!

You gotta find out where you want to be, and how can you do that if you don't try out a few places? Florida is an exciting place with lots of fun cities to visit or live in, and its still totally cheap compared to NY or LA. I think you may have made a good choice.

Watch out for tourists from Alabama though, those people are freakin scary.

2005-04-05 12:04:22 ET

Luciferette: *Is stolen away*
Plasticity: Yes, I am excited at the prospect of living somewhere new, I have lived in Ca my entire life! It will be a change certainly, the people, the weather, especially the weather! >_<; Heh, thanks for the heads up about the Alabamans!

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