2005-04-05 12:50:00 ET

As I was bored last night, I finally decided to draw something after months of not drawing a bloody thing, I am bad like that. And as an added bonus, I have decided to display my picture on SK for your viewing enjoyment. Feel free to comment, compliments and constructive criticism is highly appreciated!

2005-04-05 12:59:10 ET

Oh nifty I think maybe the wings should be bigger.

2005-04-05 13:11:10 ET

Looks like a drawing to me.

2005-04-05 13:51:33 ET

Wreck: Thanks and I tend to agree, that is the only thing that does bother me about the piccie, though I like the detail of the wings.
BrokenOne: *Looks* It sure is, your grasp of the obvious is indeed impressive. ~_^

2005-04-05 15:29:52 ET

I also like the detail but the garment your pbject is wearing makes me think bat wings.

2005-04-05 21:40:05 ET

Wreck: Does it, hmm, it is supposed to be a kimono, with a spiderweb design that took me way too much time! >_<;

2005-04-06 04:24:37 ET

Wreck: The wings shouldn't be bigger, Raziel has smaller than normal angel wings because he is only half angel (half vampire). He's the "angel of Death" so to speak and his sacred creature is the spider, hence the garment.

D: I think this is a beautiful picture! And a perfect Raziel! ::hugs picture::

2005-04-06 07:33:38 ET


2005-04-06 12:19:14 ET

I like the design on the clothing, it looks pretty good. I sure as hell couldn't do it!

2005-04-06 19:35:06 ET

Hey, I just remembered! Where's that picture of Yaksha you promised me months ago? Hmmm?

2005-04-06 21:40:01 ET

Luciferette: Thanks doll, I am glad you fancy it! Lol, what Yaksha piccie, I have no idea what you are talking about. *Whistles* ~_^ Soon my dear, soon.
Plasticity: Thank you so kindly. *Bows* If you can say one thing about my artwork, it is rich in detail, can't sweat the small stuff!

2005-04-07 02:55:51 ET

D: LMAO, that's what you always say!

2005-04-07 07:54:14 ET

comeplete and utter crap. it's totally...

*bursts out laughing*

I'm just kidding. I like it. Especially the detail in the... well everywhere lol

you ever made a cartoooon?

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