The great joy of cable internet!
2005-04-06 21:59:29 ET

We finally got cable internet today, I am so excited, yes, excited, over something so simple...shut up! *Points* I freely admit that I know nothing of the workings of aforementioned cable internet, all I know is that it makes the speed of our internet access about 100X faster, and that, my friends, is all I need to know!
I am also nearing broke, again, the only fortunate thing being that I will get a $300 paycheck on Friday, plus, certain friends that shall remain nameless owe me money, and I hope to collect the cash that I am owed within in the next two weeks, I have cosplays that need to be paid for, the remainder of my Bulletta for instance, and the last items that I need for my Lord of Heaven Rosiel cosplay. Luciferette has kindly agreed to make my Rosiel coat for me, for which I am thankful!
Heh, the reason for my said lack of funds is the fact that these last few paychecks are the last ones I am using for truly enjoyable purposes, the rest must be squirreled away for my move, so much less clothes buying for me. *Wipes away tear* Today, I went to Best Buy, big mistake by the way, we just need a new mouse and I buy a mouse that with tax cost me nearly $35. Than I also happened by the cds and saw two cds that I had to have, An Industrial Tribute to Ministry and RevCo's Beers, Steers, and Queers, because Ministry and Ministry related propaganda brings me happiness! I also have an adorable gothic lolita Alice dress on hold for me at the Hot Topic at Mainplace that is going to set me back another $35, yes, money does not last long with me. Apparently, I am not very adept at saving money, ahem... *coughs*
And since Luciferette mentioned it, I have to start work on a Yaksha picture, like I promised, months ago, yeah well, I procrastinate, what do you want from me, I am not a maschine!!! Err, as far as you know, oh snap, I have said too much...forget everything you just read, do it! *Shakes fist* Oh, the silliness of it all.

2005-04-06 22:03:21 ET

cable internet is nothing simple. i thank the lords of cyberspace everyday for my glorius cable connection. even though it gives me problems about once a month.

2005-04-06 22:06:09 ET

this is random and off topic:

stop being hot damn it !!

2005-04-06 22:09:38 ET

lol, sorry to disapoint you but I'm takin... but thank you.

2005-04-06 22:14:00 ET


2005-04-06 22:14:54 ET

how is the ministry tribute cd?

2005-04-06 22:19:09 ET

Johnny: It had better not do that to me cause if it does, well, it had just better behave itself! *Eyes cable internet warily*
Blitzkreg: Heh, who Johnny or me, too much hotness!
Analog: Actually, I have yet to have time to listen to it today, but I am sure it will be fantabulous. ^_^

2005-04-06 22:22:02 ET

there is indeed too much hotness on this site

i'm getting overload

:poses in a chair and pulls a chain allowing water to crash onto his body ala flashdance:

2005-04-06 22:32:02 ET

Ha, yes, it almost makes you want to break out into a rendition of Right Said Fred's masterpiece "I'm too sexy." Note that I said almost. ;p

2005-04-06 22:37:17 ET

oh, but i DO... and so very badly.

tonight finds me in odd form. really...

2005-04-07 03:00:58 ET

D: Is the Ministry tribute "Wish You Were Queer"? It's pretty good...and has PIG. ::dies:: Which reminds me, I want us to cosplay this:

Hey, I'm doing two Jrock cosplay groups for you. ^_~ Plus, guns...and you wouldn't need a wig.

2005-04-07 22:10:01 ET

Luciferette: Hmm, it is just called "An Industrial Tribute to Ministry" but it does have PIG on it, Electric Hellfire Club, En Esch, and Hate Dept, so it might could be the same cd. *Shrugs*
Heh, sure, that would be neat, we get to cosplay PIG and SOW, yeah baby, watch as no one knows who the hell we are but damn, we're hot! *Strikes hot pose to illustrate this* ^_^

2005-04-08 03:35:26 ET

D: LOL, yes, no one will know who we are but that's their fault for being so uncool. XD I get a goatee...

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