Since all the cool kids are doing it...
2005-04-21 23:19:15 ET

Reply with your name and I'll tell you something I adore about you.

Afterwards, copy and paste this into your own journal.

2005-04-21 23:26:20 ET


OUT WITH IT! *shakes fist*

2005-04-22 03:21:28 ET


2005-04-22 05:37:11 ET


Fuckin' Bring it.

2005-04-22 06:09:51 ET


2005-04-22 09:16:48 ET


2005-04-22 10:41:23 ET

HBPRODUKT: Charlie, you are a sweet, funny, extremely weird guy, who's knowledge of The Simpsons awes even me!
Luciferette: Hmm, I cannot think of a damn thing I like about you...heh, just joshing, I love everything about you, from your sense of humor, your smazing talents, to your sexful androgyny!
SlideRail: I adore your saracastic sense of humor and the way you always seem to be able to break the monotany with one comment.
Johnny: I adore the fact that like me, you want to crush emo kids, and you also like art!
AzraelTrigger: I adore your fabulous fashion sense and your writing talents are impressive indeed. Plus, you call yourself an ordinary boy, so cute! ~_^

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