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2005-05-07 21:28:44 ET

1. my uncle once: was a police chief in a large California city. And he was as corrupt as any poilitician or church figure.

2. never in my life: will I have children, never, really, never!

3. when I was five: the world seemed like a much larger place.

4. high school was: forgetable, well, it will be once I take this! *Holds out Repressitol bottle*

5. i will never forget: to wash my hands, constantly, after I touch anything, or anyone.

6. i once met: this really awesome girl, than I realized I was looking in the mirror. Ha!

7. thereís this girl i know who: kicks mighty arse, you know who you are! ^_^

8. once, at a bar: I did nothing, since I do not step foot in bars, icky! Yes, icky.

9. by noon iím usually: wishing I was asleep, or am still asleep.

10. last night: I lamented over still feeing ill and finally got to see Audition!

11. if i had: enough money, I could buy and sell your arses!

12. next time I go to church: I will wake up, because it must have been a horrible, horrible nightmare.

13. Terry Schiavo: is pushing up daisies. Yes, I am an awful human being, what's it to you?

14. what worries me most: everything.

15. when i turn my head left, I see: the laundrey room. Oh, exciting.

16. when i turn my head right, I see: the new carpet and a vacuum cleaner, to vacuum said carpet.

17. you know Iím lying when: I tell you, because you cannot tell otherwise.

18. what i miss most about the eighties is: being young and ignorant. Oh, and cheesiness, got to love the cheese.

20. by this time next year: what am I, a master of precognition?

21. a better name for me would be: Sarcastic Bitch, it describes me perfectly, I would need no introduction than, that says it all.

22. i have a hard time understanding: people and their unfathomable capacity for stupidity.

23. if I ever go back to school I'll: incite a revolution, than get sent to the principal's office, that bastard always had it out for me! Heh.

24. you know i like you if: acknowledge your presence in any way, shape, or form. And if I talk to you, well, than you are off my death list, good for you.

25. if i won an award, the first person Iíd thank would be: Myself, for being so bloody brilliant. I am not arrogant, I am just...arrogant. Shut up.

26. Darwin, Mozart, Slim Pickens, & Geraldine Ferraro: were advanced thinkers and talents, only truly appreciated now that they are long since deceased.

27. take my advice, never: make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I am angry. Seriously.

28. my ideal breakfast is: none, I do not eat breakfast, pfft!

Ah, all love my surveys, they allow me to display my often morose humor, and my incredible ability to be dorky beyond what one would expect by looking at me.
Well, it has been a long while since a post of any true substance, actually, not a great deal has happened to me, last Sunday, I relapsed and became ill again, much to my chagrine. Several days insued where I had a nasty sore throat and a cough that would have been the envy of a 20 year smoker. Now, nothing is worse when you have a sore throat and you are coughing, it honestly feels like someone is rubbing sandpaper on your already raw throat, lovely feeling, that. I am now just starting to feel decent again, I hate, hate, hate...I cannot even write enough hates to express aptly how much being sick bothers me, it is a waste of my time, I could be out, enjoying my last few months of being in California with my friends, but no, I am in bed, being a wussy, and missing out on a ton of enjoyable activities, though going out is probably what caused me to relapse in the first place, ahem. *Turns away and coughs*
I received a copy of the new CombiChrist cd, which I have yet to even listen to, as I have not felt well enough nor had the time to give it the attention it deserves, I believe I shall tonight though, since I have nothing else to do, though I was invited by several people to go out, damn illness! Curses!
I also went looking on and stumbled upon a wonderful find, this awesome Lip Service bondage straight jacket, um, jacket, that was originally $98, and I bought it for $15, woot! I love it when stuff like that happens to me! I also bought a pair of all black goggles that I have yet to wear, I now own three pairs of goggles, go me.
Now I am strongly debating doing something rash with my hair, I might even use, gasp, bleach on it, I was thinking I might go black and white though, I have an idea of the style I want, the girl on the cover of the new issue of Gothic Beauty has the exact hair color and style that I desire for me, everyone at work thought it would look great on me, but still, I am not sure...bleach, brr, scary! I can throw a picture up or submit a link if anyone is curious to see what the style looks like, just ask.
Feh, I am so bored tonight, what a wasted Saturday, snap, ah well, no use lamenting over it right? At least I got to update my journal, that makes missing out on fun stuff worth it, oh yeah. Now I think I am going to go and listen to some angry german men chant over drum machines. Heh. ~_^

2005-05-08 04:46:58 ET

"Everything I say is a lie. Execpt that...and that, and that, and that, and that..."

And actually, the correct term is Sarcastibitch - one word. ^^ Also, don't forget to pick me up one of those uber cheap jackets. Oh yes, and if you are feeling well enough to chat tonight, I shall be online. Did you see the new DD layout?

2005-05-08 10:53:40 ET

Luciferette: Lol, I know, but it is not good grammer! *Pulls hair out* Heh, I shall not forget! I will attempt to come on if I do not go out, I am still debating. And I did see the new DD layout, it is splendiferious, yea new art! ^_^

2005-05-08 10:57:58 ET

LOL, it is good grammer if we force them to put "sarcastibitch" in the dictionary. And I'm glad you like the new DD layout, I had to learn a whole bunch of new html to do it right and segmenting that image sucked ass; but it's worth it 'cause it's a homeage to the best artist in the world of manga. ^^

2005-05-08 15:52:27 ET


Wasn't Slim Pickens the name of the guy who rode the A-Bomb to the ground in Dr. Strangelove?

2005-05-08 19:04:41 ET

i sense the need for dreads!!!!

2005-05-08 21:46:09 ET

Luciferette: Oh, and they will, soon. Well, the end results were surely worth the effort of learning new html, it's spiffy! Aw, you are making me blush, I command you to stop! *Points*
SlideRail: *Scratches head* Hmm, I am not sure, it has been so long since I have seen that movie, to be honest, I was not sure who that was, sigh, my ignorance saddens me. ;p
Predator: Ha, actually, the girl did have extensions, but not all her hair was in extensions, her bangs were not, and they were bright white, I fancied the look! :D

2005-05-08 21:47:23 ET

yeah you know i am going to be going all blonde pretty soon and i am planning on having half loose exstensions and half dreads.

2005-05-08 22:27:45 ET

Predator: Wow, really, that'll look hot, as if you could look any hotter! ~_^

2005-05-09 04:05:35 ET

Ha! You know you're awesome! And one of my art idols too! How can I stop flattering you?!

As for the hair, I would be very interested in seeing this image that has inspired you so. I would recommend holding off on doing anything until after Anime Expo though for the simple fact that it'll save you $$ by not needing a wig for Vincent. But whatever, the wig would only be like $40 so it's your choice. ^^

Speaking of hair, my damn sides better hurry up and finish growing out so I can get it styled like Lucifer by the end of next month. ::eyes hair annoyedly::

2005-05-09 09:36:44 ET

now that i think about it if you wanted to do that hairstyle on the cover of gothic beauty, you wouldnt even have to neccessarily bleach your hair, loose exstensions in white could just be added... w/out the damage..

oh hair technology how i love you !

2005-05-09 15:08:12 ET

Luciferette: Ah, but I only strongly suspect that I am awesome, I don't know. ;p And as for yon image, it be here: It is the main image.
I am not terribly sure what I am going to do, I am quite bored with my hair though. *Pokes hair*
Predator: Hm, that would be preferable, I did not even think of that, fantastic! I also admire modern hair technology! ^_^

2005-05-09 17:08:18 ET

Ah, that is spiffy hair indeed and I like the idea of using extensions for it too, I know how skittish you are about the possibilty of damnaging your hair.

2005-05-09 17:37:45 ET

No... I'M awesome. You are merely nifty. :P

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