Feed the Fever!
2005-06-18 23:21:56 ET

Feh, so very tired, I have had very little rest the last few days, this Saturday night was the first respite that I have gotten in awhile, it was a welcome one at that, with myself leaving SoCal in about two weeks, possibly never to return, I am currently in a frenzy of activity. I have also been working a lot lately, not that I am complaining since I could surely use the funds, it is just tiring since I work during the day and go out all night. Granted, this situation is of my own making but still! I do not have another day off until Wednesday and that day is already booked with going to Hollyweird to do a bit of shopping and the like! Ah well, as the old saying goes, "You can rest when you are dead."
I did not go to Bunker on Friday night, I should have but I was simply not in the mood, just too much going on, plus I did not get off work till 10 that evening and I do enjoy primping, making myself look purty before I go out. Instead, I bought my father a Father's day gift, argh, how I loathe these damn holidays! I also rented a few movies and watched them with friends, Shaun of the Dead which I have seen several times but come on, it's Shaun of the Dead, besides, I needed a good laugh. Than we rented this movie, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0007XBM8O/qid=1119168091/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/103-2575689-3584659?v=glance&s=dvd which was bloody amazing, I loved it, heh, and it really creeped out my friends who watched it with me, an added bonus, since I never get frightened by horror films, I enjoy gauging the reaction of other people to them, let's just say that I laugh...a lot. I would totally recommend seeing it, the visuals are incredible, I do so enjoy J-Horror, true, it is a great deal more subdued than American horror but in my opinion, that makes it better, though sometimes the plots get a bit muddled, but somethings can be forgiven if the story is compelling enough. And it takes place in a hospital, with a killer virus, what could be better than that?!
Before I leave, I want to do a photoshoot in my Chastity Nun dress that I never wear due to it's length and my modesty, but I would love a rosary as a visual aide, they were selling some at the mall I work at, for $20 a piece, wtf?! Does anyone know where I can get one cheaper or would like to give or loan me one, I swear, no harm shall come to it! Also, if anyone knows of any abandoned churches or something similar that are in the Orange County area, please let me know as that would be super! ^_^
Ah well, back to going out tonight, I shall be making an appearance at the new club opening, Malediction Society, you had better not suck club! *Shakes fist* Ah, there is no rest for the weary!

2005-06-18 23:54:41 ET

Completely random. But I was just browsing through and at the part where you put "Shaun Of The Dead besides" I thought it said Shaun Of The Dead babies. And I laughed.

2005-06-19 00:24:43 ET

jhorror is always good. did u ever see Ichi The Killer? classic J horror.

on the rosmarys, could always scour ebay.

2005-06-21 18:44:03 ET

Lets see... go to some cheap mexican spiritual shop for the roseary.... And as far as old churches, Have you tried.... err, whats that city? Its off the 5. Ack , can't remember right now.
I'll get back to you on that one.

2005-06-21 21:28:49 ET

Nuclear Fallout: Ha ha, dead babies. Dawn of the Dead Babies, someone needs to make this, now!!!
Klemmy: I have not seen Ichi the Killer yet, eventually, I hope to see all of Miike Takashi's films as I loved the haunting Audition.
Vixaffliction: Hmm, that is a good idea, I shall look into that. Aw, well, I am sure you will think of the city, they all kind of melt into one another after awhile don't they? Silly California.

2005-06-24 19:14:14 ET

Its something with a C .......

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