Yea Florida!
2005-07-06 10:07:05 ET

Well, not so much. The plane ride here was rather uneventful, I thought as much anyways, they always are, and it was actually rather fast, which was nice, though I enjoy flying, I do not like to be stationary for extended periods of time. At least when I arrived here, it was early morning, so it was only about 70 degrees! Feh, I can already tell I am not ever going to get used to the weather here, no matter how long I end up living here, it is just not going to happen. Much of my first day here was spent sleeping and being melancholy over leaving all my family in friends in Cali, I miss you all already, do not worry, I am still thinking about you, I shall forget no one, as long as you do not forget me, better not forget me, or else... *Shakes fist*
At least I have plans for the week to keep me from dwelling on my misery for the time being, today I am getting my hair redyed and my bangs are going to be bleached out completely white, hopefully, it'll look neat, I shall take some pictures to display later. Tomorrow we are going out to dinner and to see War of the Worlds which I hope will be worth the wait. Than Friday, oh Friday, the big day. *Rolls eyes* That will be my 23rd b-day, huzzah, and yes, that was the most listless huzzah in the history of time, I am going to be old I tells you, old! We have plans to be a spot of shopping which always makes me feel better, than out to enjoy an evening at one of the local goth type clubs, how quaint!
I shall try to post more often, as I am not around to give verbal rundowns of the goings on in my life, ta for now my dears!

2005-07-06 10:15:25 ET

glad you made it there alright.. and i hope they didnt confiscate the dreadfalls! 0_o

2005-07-06 18:51:23 ET

i too enjoy flying. I heard there was a hurricane coming your way.

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