Bah Humbug
2005-12-18 19:29:18 ET

I have said it many times before, and I will say it again, I truly hate the holidays. Anyone who works retail during the holidays will develop an intense hatred of this time of the year, no matter who you are, the most positive person in the world will end up tearing out their hair at the sound of yet another mindless Christmas song.
Oh, I am sorry, did I say Christmas...what crap this entire subject is, why is everyone so easily offended, I mean, who cares what this awful time of the year is called? I am a Secularist and I do not give a fig about wether people call it Christmas, The Holidays, Noel, and so forth, just stop bringing it up constantly.
Saying this though, recently, my place of employment Hot Topic, has been playing Holiday music that have overt references to Christ. Now, this is against their own SOP, or Standards of Practices, our store is supposed to be non-denominational, I feel I have every right to be annoyed at having to hear this drivel for hours a day at work, and I am extremely tolerant. Heh, I was debating writing to our Human Resources about it, but thought it would be more trouble than it is worth.
Lately, Lucifer and I have become interested in Ball Jointed Asian dolls, known as Dollfies. They are utterly gorgeous, we want to make one for each of our main characters. Unfortunately, the dolls the size that we need which is roughly about 17-18 inches tall, are generally over $300, usually $500 or more, so much to pay for a doll but once again, so prettyful. I might save up my money and purchase one for Lucifer's b-day as I am planning on getting a full time job after the first of the year.
I am also going to start going to college to get my degree in CSI, I have finally decided what I am going to do for my career, I know it will be something I will enjoy imensely, and I am certainly unflinching in the face of horror, heh, I am the product of the desensitation of the later part of the 20th century, woot.
And lastly, the gums in the back of my mouth are terribly sore, have been for several days, bought some delightful medication for it, turns out it does little besides numbing the pain slightly and making me want to retch, so yeah, well done there. ~_^

2005-12-18 20:04:01 ET

I work at EB Games, and what I'm getting for Christmas from them is a prompt to go get a new job. I'm getting all of 4 hours a week -- fortunately that means I don't have to deal with customers much. But fuck, my manager sucks. Makes no effort to give me a regular schedule, never gives me more than a single week's notice on the upcoming schedule, schedules my mind-blowing money-making 4 hours this week on SATURDAY MORNING... I might just no-call-no-show that one.

You know, there's a Christian movement right now protesting in front of WAL MART (how redneck is that? Bet they're southern baptists) that Wal Mart is using "happy holidays" (because their ad campaign starts after Thanksgiving and ends after New Years) and not "merry Christmas." The phrase "reason for the season" is tossed out a lot.

Here I thought the reason for the season was because we're particularly far away from the sun in this stage of our orbit.

2005-12-18 22:33:43 ET

It's not de-sensitisation. People enjoy it more now than ever. ;)

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