And the winner for weirdest desired item is...
2005-12-22 20:45:29 ET

Me, I believe, because I find myself wanting this a great deal:
Some people, odd sorts, hang posters of bands, stars, and whatnot, me, I want to hang x-ray photos on my wall!
Yep, that's right, this is what I want, someone should purchase this for me, I'll, um, give you respect...maybe.

2005-12-24 19:16:58 ET

Santa will stuff those in your sock, just you wait.

2006-01-13 08:52:51 ET

A couple of yrs ago when I got hit by a car they took full body x-rays of me. I always thought it would be awesome to go back and get them and hang them up on the wall to form a full body. Never did get around to that. All well.

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