Much Ado About Nothing
2006-02-15 23:26:52 ET

That sums up my state of affairs lately.
Since my last post, much has changed.
I have left Florida and have gone instead to live in MO with my parents so I can start schooling, eventually, the idea of working the rest of your life in a soul destroying retail enviornment does not seem so hot and I have put off college for so long, if I do not motivate myself to take that step now, I will be one of those sad old fuckers, drinking myself to an early grave wondering "What the hell happened?!"
I enjoyed my time in Florida, I met a new group of friends, quite different than my CA friends (My FL friends consisting mostly of punks and psychobillies, I bridge the alternative culture gap expertly. ~_^) and it has added to my experiences and the richness of my personality and interests, I will forever appreciate all that Lucifer and Lux did for me, a crazy girl could never ask for more polite, fun, and eccentric landlords as those two dolls, much love for you two! <3
MO is all that I thought it would be and more...which is absolutely, nearly mind-numbingly boring, I am almost pushed to the edge of becoming the first female lust killer just to break the doldrums, I am used to a much more fast paced lifestyle, it is all far too laid back here for my tastes, plus, the people here are way too friendly, I am always suspicious of people who are too friendly...they are probably planning a town witch burning, that's why they are being so nice to me...heh heh, it is not that bad though, really. *Shakes head, than nods*
I finally quit Hot Topic, and found that I really did not feel one way or the other about it, I did not feel as though they treated me as a valued employee with tenure, in fact, when I was transferred to FL, they did not even do it as a transfer, they did it as a rehire so all my tenure and pay raises were thrown out the proverbial window, after that, any slight connection I felt with the place was wiped clean and replaced with a low grade nausea with the entire company. I will tell anyone ever considering a job at Hot Topic, don't, they treat you like you're just another cog in the wheel, there is nearly no chance of being promoted, and despite their premise of being so cutting edge and counter culture, they are just as shallow and boring as any other clothing retailer...not that these things could not be said about most jobs.
I have developed a new hobby, Dollfies, or Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. Now this is a very expensive hobby, the dolls are generally about 60cm which translates to about two feet roughly, they are beautiful dolls, made of the highest quality materials, and start out at about $500 a doll! And yes, I am mad, but we are all mad here! This obsession has been manifesting itself within the last couple of months so Lucifer and I purchased our first doll together, since we plan to make dolls of all of our Dormant Deification main characters. I purchased my own doll this very month, with the help of my new credit card... I should have never gotten a credit card, it will be my downfall. Here are the two dolls we have purchased so far, you may gasp at their beauty at your will:
Sigh, wow, this is going to be the death of me. I have sold most of my old clubbing clothing on Ebay the last few months, as I have lost weight and most of it no longer fits, I am not wearing it, so why keep it? Because of this, I have been able to purchase said dolls and the items that they need. Course, now my wardrobe is slightly depleted, though I still have a lot of crap.
Eh, it is late and I am tired, I have more auction items to mail off tomorrow, night all.

2006-02-15 23:34:56 ET

Those dolls are amazing. They are the most detailed and complicated I think I've seen.

2006-02-16 12:43:44 ET

Aren't they though, when I saw them, I feel in love, so now I am spending way too much on dolls instead of clothes. It's always something with me. ~_^

2006-02-21 10:04:51 ET

A-men, sister.

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