California Bitches!
2006-04-13 21:28:41 ET

That's right, it is official, I am going to be in the great state of California from May 22-29, a whole week. I requested the time off, I plan to buy my plane ticket in the next week, so huzzah.
So, if any of your crazy kids wants to see me or hang out with me, best let me know now before my schedule fills up, I am in high demand, I am a commodity, heh, my time is valuable. ~_^

2006-04-13 22:44:03 ET

Where are you staying?

2006-04-13 23:02:45 ET

HBProdukt: I am staying with Damian, in Fullerton, he is taking the whole week off for my trip to CA.

2006-04-13 23:13:17 ET

Awwwwwwww,how cute.=p
I'm guessing Bunker for sure,possibly Infirmary/Perversion/Malediction?

What else do you have planned?

2006-04-14 07:35:03 ET

I'm sure I'll run into you if you go out.

2006-04-14 08:49:15 ET

Produkt: Hey, no calling me cute you rivet bastard! *Shakes fist* Heh, I do not know, I might go to Release the Bats instead of Bunker, I am in an old school frame of mind right now.
I am also going to be going to see Ministry and RevCo on the 23 at HOB Anaheim. =D
Analog: Most certainly, I hope to see you! <3

2006-04-14 10:12:29 ET

Have tickets gone on sale for that yet?
I really want to buy in person if I go,because last time I bought on time,and it ended up costing me twice as much as the listed price due to the service charges.

2006-04-14 11:38:15 ET

Yo, I'm back in California for good now.

2006-04-14 18:22:18 ET

I live in fullerton, let me know if you get bored or something, you can come on down.

2006-04-14 20:30:50 ET

Produkt: They went on sell quite awhile ago, I am going to have Damian go to HOB and purchase the tickets, bloody ticketmaster is not going to get any of my hard earned cash!
SlideRail: Good for you, I wish I could say the same. Perhaps I will see you during my week back, I am curious to meet the infamous Slide Rail. =P
Vix: Do you now, well, we'll have to hang out than, esp being in the same city and all, you will have to send me your phone # so I can contact you while I am there. ^_^

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