I knew those magic sunglasses would come in handy!
2006-08-22 22:57:15 ET

Easily my favorite picture of the year so far.
And if anyone can tell me what movie this is from, I will uber glomp you the next time I see you, really, I am not kidding, it will be the hug of doom...sounds enticing doesn't it? ~_^
On an unrelated note, I am getting my first car next week, woot, though a sligtly less excited woot, because getting involved with Mr. Car also means getting involved with his friends, Mr. Insurance and Mr. Gas which means much less monies for Ms. Pam...oh snap. >_<

2006-08-23 01:16:54 ET

Oh man, that reminds me of this awful movie I saw once with Roddy Pipper.... :P

Mr. Car sounds pretty cool, but his friends are all little bitches.

2006-08-23 04:53:31 ET

LOL they live!

great pic

2006-08-23 08:08:25 ET

Analog: Shut up, that movie was bloody awesome and you know it! ;p
Yes, Mr. Cars friends are thugs, hanging around, being shady, stealing money...punks. *Hugs*
Azrael: Yes! Congratulations, I love that movie, it is so cheesy, and it makes you wonder, heh. *Hugs*

2006-08-23 09:15:22 ET

I like how the fight scene goes on and on and on and on.

2006-09-03 13:52:23 ET


They live. I love the part when he puts the glasses on and looks at the money and all it says is "THIS IS YOUR GOD"

2006-09-04 07:50:45 ET

SlideRail: That was also one of my favorite parts as well, I appreciate John Carpenter's sense of humor. ^^

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