2006-09-02 20:22:01 ET

I got a new car!!!
Well, not quite new, new to me, that's the same thing right...shut up!
Anyways, indeed, I have my instruction permit and I financed my first car, making $261 a month payments, steep I know, but I am going to full time at Wally World to help cover the new extra expenses.
What kind of car you ask, why, a WildBerry Red 2002 PT Cruiser, yes, I know, but I have always loved the look of those cars, they drive well, they are roomy, they look like futuristic hearses, what's not to love? It is used, duh, but in fantastic shape, and has less than 60000 miles on it.
I agreed with my father when he pointed out it is worth spending the extra money and getting a car I like and that I know is going to last me the next few years, rather than chancing it with a used car purchased from a less reputable source. Piccies of myself and new as so far nameless car to come soon. Yes, I am naming my car, suggestions are welcomed.
On a few other notes...
I wrote a condescending response to one of those brilliant let's get freaky Myspace messages, I just couldn't help myself...
My current Myspace music is Electric 6 Danger High Voltage! Ha ha, I love it!
I may have my Driver's Lisence in time for CombiChrist and KMFDM in Kansas City on Sept 30. *Fingers crossed*
I am not going to be able to see Nitzer Ebb, the closest they are playing is Chicago, the vile beasts!
I *may* come for a visit to Cali in November, if not than, then Jan/Feb definitely, I mish you all! >_<<BR>
If you have not seen Lip Service's new fall lines, check them out, whoever is designing their new stuff, bravo, shades of the older, fabulous, and highly creative items which made Lip Service so wonderful in the first place! Redemption Clothing
Some Highlights and definite future purchases:
From Bio-Threat Line:
Toxicity Tank Top
WarningX3 Buckle Sleeve Top
Hazardous Materials Corset
From Beyond the Thunderdome Line:
Battle Fatigue Belt
Stripped Down Corset Top
Out of the Ruins Asymmetrical Mini
From Division L.S. Line:
Wanderlust Harness Corset
Schultz Long Sleeve Snap Up Top
Obedience Training Military Dress
Plus a few others, now if I can just sell some organs...hey, I didn't say they were mine. ~_^

2006-09-03 12:28:21 ET

Can I borrow your car? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

2006-09-04 07:49:38 ET

Hmm, let's, heh, but I'll let you wash it sometime. ~_^

2006-09-04 12:14:25 ET


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