Birthday Blues
2007-06-22 10:56:22 ET

Yes, so, it will be my 25th b-day in just over two weeks, I am honestly not quite sure how to feel about it, am I getting old or am I transitioning to a new stage of my life and development.
Most people look at aging as something inherently negative and maybe that, not the actual aging part, is the problem with getting older, the cynicism that seems to follow the process.
I am pretty damn cynical already so getting older is not going to change anything, if I get anymore cynical, some people may begin to think that I am unpleasant and disagreeable, hey, quiet you! *Points*
But, as a whole, the first quarter of a century of life has not been terrible. Have I done what I wanted? Yes and no. Have I accomplished anything? A few things. Could I have done more? A resounding hell yes on that one.
I tend to try to live my life with no regrets, I feel that they are useless and only serve to remind you of your failures, they strip you of your ego and your pride, both of which you require in order to make your way through this cesspool of life.
I hope in the next five years of my existence to achieve more than I have in the first 25 which I think is certainly possible, I am feeling more motivated as of late, more determined not to allow my talents to go to waste and become yet another sad old fucker wondering what the hell happened.
On another note, I am still going to be coming out to see all of you people in August so you best be in a good mood, I want to be entertained damnit, I am paying good money for this, you do not even want to imagine the things I had to do for that money!!! ~_^

2007-07-28 18:47:40 ET

It was one of those things where it's like "Fuck... I'm going to be thirty soon!" moments, isn't it?

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