Not some of my finer moments...
2008-12-01 17:54:33 ET

My return to Missouri so far has:
I became ill the first night Damian and I were on the road so I was not able to drive any the remainder of the trip, all I did was sit in the front seat and groan. Of course, I hadn't been sick for months prior to this, a great harbinger of things to come.
After having to go all the way to St Louis to drop Damian off at the airport, I had to drive all the way back to Ozark, that is 3 hours each way people, I was sick to death of being in that bloody car! Than, of course, getting onto the onramp that is about 10 minutes away from the house, I get into a car accident. Fortunately, the people I rear ended were not hurt and their car was not really the worse for wear. Alas, I could not say the same for my car, the front grill was completely smashed in, just front end devasation.
Oh, it gets better. Due to the backwater, quite possibly inbred and retarded local heads of state, if you get into an accident and it is deemed your fault, you have to go to court or face stiff penalties, no matter how innocous the accident is. What?!
So, I have not had a car since November 14th, I have been stuck in the house and I am going stir crazy... fun times. Oh, and the insurance company wanted to total my car and give me about $5k for it, not terrible but I would still owe $3k on a car that I would no longer have, so instead I went with the $3900 settlement to repair the car, and whatever the overage is, my father will cover it.
And my hair looks so incredibly different, it is in a short, sort of 1920's bob, and white blonde, since we all figured that in this state, looking as normal as possible in front of the local judges is a wise idea. I need to get used to it, I mean, I am naturally blonde so the color looks good on me but I've just had the black hair for years, I needed something fresh and new.
I am supposed to get my car back sometime this week, which is fortunate as I might go mad at any moment. At least I have books and Funtrivia to keep me distracted. ;p

2008-12-01 20:48:55 ET

Holy Mackerel!
That really sucks dear.
I am quite interested to see your new hair though.

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