Good Idea, Bad Idea
2009-04-16 16:08:19 ET

The Good: I have procured a job interview, my first since arriving in this bastion of culture and social relevance.
The Bad: It's with Hot Topic. I am probably five years too old to work there and they haven't sold anything remotely interesting for years. It pays crap minimum wage and doesn't usually give anything near full time hours.
The Good: But, saying all that, I can dress anyway I want to, I can experiment with my newly lightened hair in a way I could never do at any conventional job, the enviornment is laid back and you can be snarky to people and they love you for it. Also, I am not looking for full time hours, since I am considering appying to art school and am working on writing projects.
The Good: Speaking of writing and drawing, I have a deviant art account SarinWrap, I am not terribly popular since my coloring is primative as I do not have a quality program to work with. That does lead me to this question, can anyone suggest an artsy type program that does not cost $5 billion like, I don't know, photoshop! There has got to be something cheaper that works as well!
The Bad: I had to squeeze another bad into here, this entry was getting too positive. I'm in Missouri...there, that should do it.
The Good: I am working on a short story that I am thinking of submitting for possible publication, I am halfway done with it, oddly enough, I have been writing the story longhand than typing it out on Word since no one on this planet can read my writing. I am fairly pleased with it so far but I am not certain where to submit it, it is in the vein of historical fiction with a dose of horror, odd genre, that.
The Bad: Paypal is now my mortal foe, they royally fucked me over when it came to a dispute I was having with one of my buyers, I no longer wish to use them but one, it is hard to buy and sell on ebay without a Paypal account and two, they won't let me close my account until I pay them the $90.00 they claim I owe them, they keep sending me polite emails asking for me to pay them, but I don't currently have the extra money so their bloody asses can wait like the rest of the people who want money from me!
Hm, well, I think that is about it, my life is not too terribly exciting...or at all exciting...if not for Mystery Science Theater 3000 keeping me in good humor I might have already started killing people and turning them into dolls ala the killer from The Cell.
And as for movies, watch Der Untergang or Downfall if you get the chance, great German language film chronicling the last few days in Hitler's Fuhrerbunker, it is a wonderful, provocative film, I was engrossed by it and it's fairly historically accurate which is rare.

2009-04-16 20:20:44 ET

At least in hot topic you can wear anything.
I liked the "in honor" drawing.
I always encourage anyone to look for art schools; I envy them, in a good way. I hope you look for something nice.

2009-04-17 21:25:10 ET

Have you considered looking at the GIMP? It is a powerful graphics editing program like photoshop, and it is FREE. They have versions for Linux, Mac OS X and for Windows. It is well worth the look. I have used it for years.

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