Glow in the dark dogs...why waste good technology on science and medicine?!
2009-04-28 16:05:12 ET

Has anyone read this?
All I have to say is...why, what was the point of this?! I mean, honestly, glow in the dark dogs, is this what people want, is this the best possible use for science, it is sadly funny actually and I was just thinking that science wasn't crazy or wacky enough anymore, well, they proved me wrong!
If they really want to do something beneficial for mankind they should create glow in the dark cats so when I am wandering around half asleep at night I don't trip over any wayward kitties! ;p

2009-04-28 18:08:09 ET

It's one of those things that has no practical application, but the experiment is now on file if people need to do something similar in the future hehehe

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