2003-08-04 21:32:46 ET

Hey all:)

I can not describe how good things are going for me right now! I think I am reaping the benefits of my semi newly found sober lyfestyle as well as just overall good karma. Honestly I don't give a shit. But things are good! I have reached a new level in my sk8ing which is really helping me express myself. Also, I have found me a lil 26 year old Uma Thurman look-a-like mommie, who not only is crazy about me, but has the compasion I desire for my son and I. She is wonderful, beautiful, and highly intelligent. Her kids (two boys 5 and 7) are a little wild but they are wonderful and I am sure that that is a reflection of her parenting skills. We are trying to find our pace, but neither of us are into the whole "dating" concept so we have just been spending GOOD quality time together. I don't wanna jinx anything so I will leave that topic short. My son is back with his Mom for this month. I miss him like crazy. So much happened to us both with his last visit and he is getting smarter exponentially. I love him so damn much. He is truly the brightest ray of light in my life and he shines with a luster that I can't even try to articulate. I am truly blessed with him, he is my angel. I hope you all are well! I shouldn't be feeling this good before my 30th birthday! But I am not complaining...

2003-08-04 21:38:33 ET

glad to hear things are going so well! <3

2003-08-04 21:40:19 ET

Thank you Jolie, it is infact my pleasure to post somthing positive for a change....:)

2003-08-04 21:46:09 ET


2003-08-04 22:49:12 ET

Feel good dammit you deserve it babe. I am happy for you.

2003-08-05 04:22:23 ET

that was so sweet im all teary eye'd now

also the new layout rocks =)

2003-08-05 09:10:31 ET

yay on finding a kndred spirit!

and I loved my 30th birthday! In fact, my 30s rocked so much harder than my 20s. :)

2003-08-05 17:39:34 ET

oooh DH's found himself a female *winks* lucky dog you

2003-08-05 21:11:44 ET

I know right? :):):)

I made her and her boys dinner tonight. It was a success. Maybe it is my turn for goodness, I feel like I deserve it!?!

All of you ladies rock so hard! I wish I could take you all out for drinks or somthing (when I say sober lifestyle, I mean not smoked out all the time). You know if any of you ever come within reach of Vegas, I better hear about it!

Jolie... hehe, sorry about the crAss penis remark I left on your pretty message board. lol I wish you and your new friend nothing but goodness! ~~*virtual hugs*~~

Excessivenoise... Thank you girl, I really appreciate your positive mojo too ~~*hugs*~~:) I love your tatt by the way... When are you going for the back piece?

Hey Skymosher... I am loving my age honestly. I have more patcience then I have ever had before. I love the satisfaction gained by finishing what I start! I am welcoming my 30's. I am living my life with youthfulness and confidence, just like you!;)

JJJ... Glad you like the layout, I felt kinda like it was too much, but

UL... I had to go out and get a girl, your just taken already and too far ~~winks back~~ I still can't believe your breasts are the same size as Shadowportrait's head...lmao If you ever wanna do the comparison again, I will gladly hold the camera:):P

2003-08-05 21:25:35 ET

awww, thanks sweetie! don't worry about being crass, you should see some of the topics that we discuss on my page ;)

2003-08-05 21:26:27 ET

Back peice will be done hopefully before the expolited show sept 20th

2003-08-05 21:27:24 ET

Well, I will be sure to check them out more... (one more lovely lady on my buddie list) :)

2003-08-06 05:16:58 ET

no no the layout rocks...its not to much at all....and thanx

2003-08-06 07:51:58 ET

Good luck with the Hina, bro! And I wanted to comment on the sexy blue picture of you in your bio. Hot stuff! hehe.

2003-08-06 11:04:54 ET

**blushes** I'm not a hot stuff, I just like to play one on the computer.:) Thank You SP. +HuGs+

2003-08-06 20:04:37 ET

They are...i promise, i would know *checks again since she's mega wasted at my place now* yeah still the same size.

2003-08-06 20:14:13 ET

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice ;)

2003-08-07 19:34:21 ET

I was pretty wasted, and I remember watching you type this.

2003-08-07 19:58:46 ET

I know, was fun

2003-08-07 22:21:49 ET

Im jealous...

2003-08-11 20:04:48 ET


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