It just figures...
2003-08-06 20:44:53 ET

My exwife is already trying to create waves. She just can't stand to see me do good. She needs to unfuck herself and leave me alone!

Its all good though, cause my girlie friend says that if she keeps it up, she will have to deal with a psycho bitch!

My girlie also said she would buy me a lawyer to get my son full time instead of 50/50. I will not let her do that though. She rocks!

2003-08-06 20:49:50 ET

I will save comments about this till I see you on AIM, but your girl might have a point.

2003-08-06 20:51:34 ET

K switching to AIM!

2003-08-06 22:24:37 ET

That is much goodness! Keep hope alive =)

2003-08-07 03:25:14 ET

yeah... foshizzle!

2003-08-07 03:45:51 ET

i'm so happy for you *hugs*

2003-08-07 04:03:39 ET

ty JJJ I just wish I was not haunted...

2003-08-07 04:09:53 ET

thats are what exs are for


2003-08-07 06:46:02 ET

you shall prevail!

and I'd let her go ahead and pay. :)

2003-08-07 07:35:04 ET

I would actualy just like to see me girlie go psycho on her... just once.

2003-08-07 07:48:25 ET

heeeee. that could be amusing.

2003-08-07 07:49:58 ET

It sure would...

Brick A Brack A
Shish Boom Bah
Danielle, Danielle
Punch Her In The Jaw!!!


2003-08-07 08:04:51 ET

Your just asking for that to happen with that last comment. She is probably reading it right now.

2003-08-07 08:07:47 ET

I blocked outsiders...

Im all good:)

2003-08-07 13:23:18 ET

hah! i just did the same bock about qa week ago for reason "i will never tell"...muahahah....

miss you!

2003-08-07 13:25:15 ET

holy bad typing batman!

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