2003-09-25 14:22:33 ET

I am supposed to go eat at my ex-girlfriends house tonight for dinner. I have not seen her since we broke up. Kinda curious as to what this is gonna be like. Hmmmmmm.

2003-09-25 14:39:03 ET

dude.. good luck.. and i love the new(er) lay-out... kicks ass

2003-09-25 14:58:12 ET

i still talk to my ex's too.

have fun and be good.

2003-09-25 15:06:31 ET

Thanks Synthetic, from you thats a real compliment. How have you been?

Hey Katbat:) I'll be good... damnit

2003-09-25 15:12:42 ET

working like a mo'fo.. but getting some good free-time every once in awhile

2003-09-25 21:19:13 ET

I'm friends with most of my exes. :) not the ex husband, tho. :P

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