wrapped in plastic
2003-09-29 10:11:18 ET

2003-09-29 10:24:04 ET

that is fuckin' awesome!! O_o

2003-09-29 10:27:39 ET

TY... Im playin hookie from work.... bored....lol

2003-09-29 10:28:11 ET

its cool... pretty sweet pictures O_o

2003-09-29 10:29:49 ET

thanks hookie+bordem=creativity:)

2003-09-29 10:30:35 ET

yea tis an awesome combination... always love when hookie creates... creativity

2003-09-29 10:37:09 ET

I have not had too much screw off time lately... so I took some

2003-09-29 10:38:07 ET

yea... we all need our moments to do somethin' dif... otherwise what would life be good for? right

2003-09-29 10:51:35 ET

right, right....

2003-09-29 10:52:32 ET

did you draw that?

2003-09-29 10:57:42 ET

yes... its my tattoo's on my arm

2003-09-29 11:03:06 ET

thats awesome.. i thought about drawing a couple of my own tattoos...
right now i'm tattoo'less cause i'll probably go big... or not at all... haha... i'm bad about stuff like that

2003-09-29 11:09:52 ET

save it go big!

2003-09-29 11:14:26 ET

yea thats most likely goin' to happen... i need to start drawing more again... so i can start figuring out what i want...

2003-09-29 11:33:16 ET

2003-09-29 11:39:42 ET

Wow look at the loveliness!

2003-09-29 11:41:11 ET

GODDAMN MAN! You are awesome!

2003-09-29 11:45:23 ET

no Im not, I only portray awsome online...lol

Thanks guys. The true artist is the guy who tattoo'd them on for me. I am fond of them though:)

2003-09-29 12:05:59 ET

I said it before, I'll say it again. Gorgeous!

2003-09-29 19:43:06 ET

DH...my boy *smiles* very very nice

2003-09-29 20:51:17 ET

very kickin' O_o... this is why i must hold out for more money till i commit to a tattoo... must go big.. O_o

2003-09-29 20:56:02 ET


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