Today is so beautiful!!!
2003-10-04 06:22:44 ET

I am gonna sk8te this day away:)

I am figuring out that my ex Danielle is a game playing drama queen. She is trying everthing she can to hold on to a couple of trivial items she has of mine. Do things in front of people who will imediatly call me and tell me. She has been going out and acting like a hoochie. Then she calls me like she misses me or somthing. Last night she wanted Jake and I to go to the go-kart place with her and her boys. I was like why? I had to decline anyway because I took my sisters advice and went out with a girl who is kinda infatuated with me, her name is Erin. Erin and I sing together. She is an awsome singer. I just have trouble taking Erin seriously cause she is like ten years younger than me. I had a good time though, we ended up at this resort casino called Green Valley Station. The beginning of CSI was filmed there. Its kinda kewl. They have like king sized beds around there swimming pool. We just laid around on the beds and drank a lil bit. Erin knew the cocktail waitress (who was finer than frog hair) so we drank for free. We spent the rest of the night talking and holding each other. My sister was right, it did make me feel better. I still don't think I would get serious about her though.

Erin above
I don't know, I think I just want her as a friend.

2003-10-04 06:35:23 ET

tis pretty... sounds like it was a nice night... i would say 10 years tis can be a big dif.. but atleast you made a good choice... and sounds nice

2003-10-04 06:41:51 ET

Yeah thanks man.
My problem is I almost need someone that has been around the block a few times so I can relate to them and vice versa. Somtimes I think I need a single Mommie. I think a single mother who is doing a good job by herself is highly attractive.

2003-10-04 06:44:54 ET

yea i understand... i have thought that for myself... someone who understands some of the things i do... but usually if they aren't older than me they haven't learned to cope with such... so they tend to sort of... i don't know... i guess i sort of appreciate the ones... that i can look at life in a free sort of way with... cause they just radiate hope from all my dreams (i'm the ultimate dreamer)

2003-10-04 06:49:37 ET

nothing wrong with that...:)

2003-10-04 06:53:33 ET

yea... i've dealt with a lot of stuff... that other people dont' seem to overlook as well as i can.. haha i guess its understandable i mean i have my moments when it hits me... but for the most part i just try not to dwell on that stuff... it comes and goes in spurts... :-)...

tis sort of glad i try to learn from my experience over sulking from them... gotta think... everything that has happened has participated in makin' me... who i am...
and i really like who i am... even though thats sort of wrong to think that i suppose

2003-10-04 08:28:41 ET

You will find her, just give it time ( ya I know shut up heather )

2003-10-04 08:49:33 ET

You know Heather... I'm not even looking.
I'm just gonna concentrate on me for a while.

2003-10-04 08:52:09 ET

Good idea, I am doing the same thing.

2003-10-04 08:52:52 ET

but if I get lucky while Im concentrating on me, it would be ok:)

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