2003-10-18 06:30:04 ET


need fluids....

2003-10-18 06:48:13 ET

drink herbal helps to detox your system

2003-10-18 06:59:43 ET

chamomile tea makes me gag, but i like peppermint

ginger tea calms your stomach

2003-10-18 08:08:02 ET

2 words


2003-10-18 08:35:36 ET

cold water, herbal tea, vitamins, bedrest, a hot washcloth over your face. make sure to get all the shit out of your sinuses. sleep.

2003-10-18 09:14:07 ET have hangover too. *ughhhh*

2003-10-18 14:45:49 ET

I figured it out...:)

Newcastle fixed it:)

2003-10-18 14:48:32 ET


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