Life Rocks...
2004-05-20 10:48:52 ET

I met Butch Patrick aka Eddie Munster today. He is the total typical "child actor" gone bad. I met him through a friend of mine named Snake Rock .
Eddie/Butch is trying to invest in a company making electronic sound enhancement devices for musical instruments. I was loaned a device to check out. Its crap. Snake tells me this guy invests in crazy abstract crap to try to get rich. Always fails though. I gave them my opinion on the device.

Now Eddie Munster does not like me.

I'm a jerk.


2004-05-20 11:12:36 ET

You know you're cool when you can say Eddie Munster doesn't like you

2004-05-20 11:14:39 ET

I know its the coolest thing:)

2004-05-20 12:14:04 ET


that's awesome.

2004-05-20 12:49:50 ET

jerk? no, he asked, you told

2004-05-20 12:51:48 ET

I know... I gave him my honest opinion. You remember when this started don't you. There is no need to optimise telephone bandwith for instrument playing. ESPECIALLY FOR $399.00

If I want to play you a song over the phone, I'll just turn my shit up:)

2004-05-20 12:56:21 ET

*nodnod* tru dat

2004-05-20 12:57:17 ET

oh and Snake looks like his name should be Snake, haha

2004-05-20 13:02:52 ET

you should see his house... EVERYTHING IS SNAKE SKINNED...
all the way down to his "authentic" python coverd high top chuck taylor converse.

2004-05-20 13:03:51 ET

O_o - python covered high top converse?!!!

2004-05-20 13:04:21 ET


2004-05-20 13:08:18 ET

iNsAnE!!! LOL, but something to talk about, conversation started

2004-05-20 18:53:08 ET

sorry, lol had to go to work.

2004-05-21 04:07:16 ET

gravy baby, kinda figured :)

2004-05-21 07:36:13 ET

At least he has some sort of money if everything is snake skinned--he's not like Gary Coleman who works as a security guard at the mall, and does commericals with personal testimony for money lending/financial crisis recovery companies. :/

2004-05-21 07:39:14 ET

Snake is doing good. Eddie/Butch Patrick is Snake's friend. Two seperate people.
Eddie Munster is always almost broke according to Snake.

2004-05-21 07:43:13 ET

sorry, my bad. Jeez, I thought at least one child actor got through it all ok.

2004-05-21 07:44:50 ET

lol... I once helped Corey Feldman (however you spell it) get a bag of weed in Vegas. I didn't know who it was for, till after. I was kinda the middle man. But that was 10 years

2004-05-21 07:49:21 ET

That bit about Eddie Munster making crappy inventions is really funny though.

"The Beaver" is into cars now and hangs out at my dad's car club. I guess he's doing ok, even though he's always selling stuff to other club members when in a bind....

2004-05-21 07:51:38 ET

Hehe... Thats the greatest.

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