2004-09-08 09:11:22 ET

I may be lying in the gutter, but I am staring at the stars.

2004-09-08 13:39:12 ET

hey man... you been doin' good??

(like the quote by the way)

2004-09-09 18:35:57 ET

how are things? is your ex ok? are you Ok? did she move in?

2004-09-09 20:23:43 ET

She did move in for a while. It was cool, my son loved it. However she got a court order stating she could not leave the state of Arizona with the baby until the divorce is finalised. She is back there working. Honestly I am not counting on her. I do think I am moving to the east coast soon. For a change, and to get closer to some really good friends.

Jake is well, and happy.
I am busy as hell with my biz and bieng dad and managing myself. I skate almost daily still. Play guitar at least an hour everyday. All is well, Im just trying to find some peace and happiness.

I have a new house where my bro-in-law who is my bestfriend is rooming with Jake and I. The house is big and nice. Almost too big for Jake and I, buts its comfy.

I think I feel like Im waisting time. Waiting on things to happen. I am gonna start bieng a lil more proactive toward Jake's and my own direction. I make good money, but I work alot. On call work. So I have no structure. I am adaptable, but its a lame way to live.

All good though.

2004-09-09 20:25:07 ET

where about on the east coast are you thinkin' bout goin'?

2004-09-10 19:00:20 ET

you on the east coast is a great idea! :)

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