2004-09-14 07:00:58 ET

2004-09-14 07:55:08 ET

I think Jake is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen.

2004-09-14 09:52:37 ET

TY girl, Im gonna keep him...

2004-09-14 09:53:58 ET

hahaha friggin great

2004-09-14 09:57:25 ET

I would hope so =P

2004-09-14 10:02:52 ET

STAGED! ...lol

2004-09-14 10:44:18 ET

Oh my god, right on his way to becoming Mr. Punk Rock.

Lemme guess those are spiderman undroos tooo

2004-09-14 11:09:51 ET


me and him both wear them...

2004-09-14 11:13:24 ET

Well where are the pictures of you in them, I think we need proof.

2004-09-14 11:35:39 ET


2004-09-14 17:31:09 ET

hahaha... what kinda beer is he holdin'? (looks like a picture we took of a cat once... sept for the cat had a remote 2)

2004-09-15 07:30:14 ET


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