Getting this rolling...
2003-04-13 19:32:11 ET

Well, first off, I wanna say I am glad to be here...
It appears there are some very kewl people here. I took my son to his Mom's for a month. I hate the transition of bieng a daddie to 0 responsibilities. I think I get self destructive without him. He keeps me grounded.
I totaly skated the weekend away. I feel kinda bad for doing it, I had stuff to do... Oh well, I think Albert Einstien said "why do today what can be put off till tomorrow" well, maybe he didn't really say that but it sounded good... I got nothing

2003-04-13 19:35:16 ET

ah.. welcome to SK

its like crack, but arguably healthier..


2003-04-13 19:37:15 ET

Hi, and Welcome!!

2003-04-13 20:09:33 ET

Welcome Man! You finally posted!

Skate or die!

2003-04-13 20:10:51 ET

smart ass:)

2003-04-13 20:11:58 ET

Hey!hehe. I'm a skater too. There really arn't many on here. Gotta group!

2003-04-13 20:12:21 ET


*flails arms*

2003-04-13 20:16:52 ET

Nice to meet you all:)

If I couldn't skate, I would kill people... Gotta get the release somewhere....

2003-04-13 23:26:47 ET

Finally!! :)

2003-04-14 02:39:29 ET

Damn right finally. woohoo. Glad you are here!

2003-04-14 06:36:19 ET

welcome to the madhouse. :)

2003-04-14 21:15:12 ET

word yo....Welcome

by the way....nice set up

2003-04-14 23:33:49 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2003-04-25 15:41:14 ET

Hey there! Welcome to SK!

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