Boycott Monday's
2003-04-14 19:53:23 ET

It actually was a decent day, glad its over though. Im still trying to use my spare time constructively, I miss my son. His Mom was supposed to call me today so I could talk to him, but nooooooooooo... Its ok though because I was storing a bunch of stuff for her a while back, like our old computer. I had put a G-force 3 graphics card in it before she took it from me in the divorce. Well, to make a long story short, I traded her for the P.O.S. graphics card that was in this P.O.S. (without her knowing ofcourse)so now this P.O.S. has a G-force 3 in it and she has crap. I felt bad for doing it, but now that she didn't let me talk to my son, I feel better:). She doesnt need a good graphics card to check her pathetic hotmail account bimonthly.
I am getting a good idea to the structure of this place now, its very clever and well done. I like it. Im not dialed in like my dark brother from another mother Vasa, but I will get my chit together soon. I am living out of boxes, Im still putting stuff away from the move. Soon the dust will settle.


2003-04-14 19:58:23 ET

Yeah. i do have the hook up. 4 Pcs and 1 MAC :) shit dawg... haha. I would have put a ATI RAGE 128 with 4 MBs in her PC! I have some extra parts around here if you need some stuff. I have some ex-navy connections in your area that can help out. Good peeps.

2003-04-14 20:02:22 ET

Vasa, LMAO thats exactly what she got, except it only had 2 megs of ram upgradable to 4 though;)...:)

You made me feel better, and you totally called it:)

Your a ninja...


2003-04-15 07:02:40 ET

ugh. divorce sucks. even though we didn't have anything of real value, the divvying up of the Stuff got bitchy.

2003-04-15 15:34:08 ET

They say marriage is grand....


dh, gotta laugh

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