2003-05-03 18:12:16 ET

Things are going pretty dizamn good lately. ~knocks on desk~
I get my son back in a week!:)
I got to see SiS again! (her lil sissy is so funny)
I have been working stupid long hours, but my pay shows it!:) I am looking forward to getting in a house soon.
I just got done skating, had a great time! GOD I love weekends...
I hope everyone is well and happy, if not... get that way damnit!


2003-05-03 18:13:28 ET

getting there...somehow

2003-05-03 18:14:57 ET

need help?.... I don't have a map, but I know the directions...

2003-05-03 18:17:02 ET

oooh directions...could use those, i was simply planning on wandering around until i found my ass or something

2003-05-03 18:18:07 ET

thats where I found my directions;)

How have you been???

2003-05-03 18:19:36 ET

eh okay...'sides stress at work and such...been okay. How've you been?

2003-05-03 18:20:59 ET

busy as a mofo...

Good though....


2003-05-03 18:22:29 ET

busy is good...doesn't give you time to stop and think and get bored. Although lately i would have preffered the time to rest, eat cereal play video games and watch movies

2003-05-03 18:26:18 ET

cereal out of a salad bowl:)

I love that shit...hehehe CrUnCh BeRrIeS...= kId CrAcK:)

I can bribe my son with that stuff...

Rest is good... I have been lasy alot in the not so distant past, so now I am making up for it:)

2003-05-03 18:41:15 ET

i eat cereal like crazy that stuff

2003-05-04 08:50:02 ET

Fun times, Oh Yeah!! :P

2003-05-04 20:49:24 ET

well, happy, fiber addiction fed, life is good. ;)

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