OMG, the coolest thing just happened to me...
2003-05-05 19:45:48 ET

Most of you don't know this, but my Dad died last Aug. He was the coolest person I ever knew. He was my best friend and my hero. Anyway today I am screwing around on this computer. My Father and I shared this computer when I was living with him. Him and I had this stupid little underlying competition of who could get the highest score on the dumb pinball game that comes with windowXP/ME blah,blah,blah. SO today (out of enormous bordom) I open up the pinball game and start playing. Well I am kicking this games ass! I had it up to like four million (which I considered pretty respectable) and I finaly lost all my pinballs and the game was over. I KNEW I HAD PLACED #1 and I'm waiting to put my name in the high scores, and it never happened. It was just finished. I was like "what?!?" So I opened up the top scores and there is written out a message to me from my dad in the space where you would put your name. My dad had the TopScore with 13 million and on all the name spots is him saying "Neener neener neener you will never beat me Russ".

It took five lines on the top score list to write that out to me. That sneaky little mother fucker got the best of me, AND he got the last word. I recieved a message from my deceased father 9 months after his death, and he was bieng a smart ass.

I miss him and love him greatly, he is the model of the Dad I hope I am. What a stupid little miracle!

Life is sooooo worth living. I am sooo happy to experience a stupid thing like that. It truly is the small things that count.


2003-05-05 20:01:05 ET

Aww thats great!!!

2003-05-05 20:02:25 ET

It's simple things like that , that can make everything that is wrong seem right. I know how you feel man. I lost my father back in 1997 and everytime I play the drums it reminds me of him. He never saw me play but I sometimes imagine him in the audience listening.

On a totally unrelated note... there is a new attack helicopter battalion here from Fort Bragg.. 1st BN 229 AVN .. you ever heard of them? Annoying bastard they are!

2003-05-05 20:04:59 ET

You know your Dad hears you play V:)

Hi Pretty Girl:)

I do know the 229, I used to jump with them often...

Hey have they moved for good or are they training there?

2003-05-05 20:06:17 ET

Well they are here for at least one year. We (1st CAV) gave our attack helicopter Battalion to 4th ID when they deployed so we needed one and they sent us one from Fort Bragg. The 82nd had two anyways. The females live on my floor and they are annoying as hell. Horny little girls.

2003-05-05 20:08:36 ET


And wtf your complaining about horney chicks living on your floor???!

Dude, unplug, go get yourself one:)

Wear a jimmy! No, wear two jimmy's


2003-05-05 20:12:46 ET

I have a lady friend thank you. She satisfies all my needs.. and besides I have a really low sex drive. :) The AVN gals are freaky and they talk all Army stuff. I have no idea what they are saying. And they keep calling me Specialist... Nobody ever does that.. it's Carlton.

2003-05-05 20:16:56 ET

LOL, I so forget you are in the lax portion of the service...

USE it to your advantige, lockem up, make em push...

Ft. Bragg is pretty strict as to adhearing to the 18th ABN core standards. Home of the airborne hooah!

2003-05-05 20:17:47 ET

awesome story DH. :)

2003-05-05 20:18:45 ET

i know all about 18th ABN standards. I put in my time at 3rd ID at Fort Stewart. 12 mile road march, 4 mile run blah blah. I make no one push. I am a bandsmen. Push-ups are for posers :P

2003-05-05 20:19:17 ET

Thanks girl:) I am very happy to have found it, its dumb, but its soooo cool.

2003-05-05 20:20:28 ET

OMG we are under attack!!!!!! GRAB THE DRUMS!


I love you Vasa:)

2003-05-05 20:21:06 ET

not dumb at all.

I try to really savor all the time I spend with my mom (she's 81). it's the little things that matter.

2003-05-05 20:30:56 ET

Yeah, time is so damn precious. The older you get, the faster it goes... I hope your Mom is around forever;) I try to tell my Mom I love her and hug her daily:)

2003-05-05 20:40:38 ET

that is so awesome. sorry i'm so super late posting about this. and it wasn't a stupid was way worth it thing. super way worth it.

2003-05-05 20:41:07 ET


time does move faster as I get older. I'm still moving pretty fast tho. :)

2003-05-05 20:45:35 ET

Sabbi, your so cute:P

2003-05-05 20:54:56 ET

*blushfied* aww..u ain't so bad yourself silly :)

2003-05-05 21:12:24 ET

things like that make me wanna cry those happy type of know the kind im talking about. It's really gnar that you found that =)

2003-05-05 21:13:34 ET

Thanks UL, I am still kinda giddie about it. How are you? Well I hope...

2003-05-05 21:17:44 ET

I'd be giddy about it, most likely for the next few days, and then in a month i'd look at it again to remind me and get the feeling all over again.

Im doing okay, been a while since i talked to you, word yo

2003-05-05 21:23:11 ET

Yeah, Im not erasing it, thats for sure, prolly snag a screenshot of it...hmmmm

We have not chatted recently:(

Are you still tall?

2003-05-05 21:24:52 ET

*laughs* tall yes....unless you got taller then that would make me appear to be shorter

2003-05-05 21:26:53 ET

no, your still gravitationaly superior to me.... could you get that box off the top shelf for me?

~tries to look up blowse~


2003-05-05 21:27:00 ET


2003-05-05 21:29:52 ET

*l* ;)

2003-05-06 16:05:00 ET

Need we go into the relationship of Unlabled's cup size and the size of my head? :P@kandess

2003-05-06 18:34:14 ET

*laughs* i dont think they need to compare my one of my boobs to your head...although it is quite funny

2003-05-06 19:17:20 ET

Oh come on.... I'll hold the camera:)

2003-05-06 19:22:01 ET

lol im sure you'd be funny. Her head is exactly the same size as one of my boobs

2003-05-06 19:24:43 ET

Wow, if you were single, Id ask to climb you;)

2003-05-06 19:28:04 ET

i came in at the wrong part of this conversation...damn i hate being late

2003-05-06 19:33:55 ET

lol if i were single...I'd be really annoyed. I hate being alone...Hate having boobs the size of an 18 year old females head.

See you should have been here sab

2003-05-06 19:35:07 ET

i know, i'm a slacker and a poor friend. i should be punished

2003-05-06 19:37:59 ET here next time

2003-05-06 19:45:24 ET

i try..i really do..

2003-05-06 19:48:21 ET

You guys are the coolest:P

2003-05-06 19:50:01 ET

ooh ooh..*dance time* someone changed their avatar...

2003-05-06 19:56:30 ET

*does the 'someone changed their avatar' dance.

2003-05-06 19:57:56 ET

hey. that's my dance! stop with the copying me .haha j/k

2003-05-06 19:58:44 ET

Hehe, Im playing with my digi cam:)

~~~does happy dance with Sabbi~~~

2003-05-06 19:59:34 ET

damn, we all dancin:)

2003-05-06 20:00:44 ET

ok we can all dance. it'll be like a hoe-down on who's line is it anyway..only without the stupid lyrics. cause i'm not clever like that.

2003-05-06 20:02:46 ET

I wanna go dancing...who's up for some dirty bumpin and grindin style dancin?

2003-05-06 20:04:00 ET

I don't know about a Hoe Down, but I will swing with

2003-05-06 20:05:05 ET

I can nasty dance... with you that would be great, cause my head would be even with shadowportrait's head...lmao

2003-05-06 20:07:52 ET

swing..le sigh..i want to learn swing.

*in my best R Kelly voice impression* I don't see nothing wrong...with a little bump and grind....

on a side note they played him at the club last week when i was there...i looked at my cousin and said "isn't it illegal to be playing him?" i thought she was going to die laughing. i didn't think it was that super funny

2003-05-06 20:11:08 ET

, would go and say something like that...*l*

2003-05-06 20:12:33 ET

i know..i'm all like that

2003-05-06 20:13:36 ET

*pictures DH's height...and cracks up* oh god...someone help me, i think i may have broke something

2003-05-06 20:14:11 ET

*in my best R Kelly voice impression* Hey girl, can we just pretend your eighteen, you know if someone asks...

2003-05-06 20:14:43 ET

broke somthing? lol

2003-05-06 20:14:48 ET

ok well it was fun and super exciting talking to all of you but the storms are here and it's my bill if the computer gets fried. so peace out to all my friends. :)

2003-05-06 20:16:04 ET

Bye Sabbi @)>----

2003-05-06 20:20:25 ET

Sabbi,.......*tear* she left me, us...yeah

2003-05-06 20:22:17 ET

Hmmmmmmmm, what a nice night.... hmmm what to do, what to do...?

2003-05-06 20:24:16 ET

seriously no doubt, tonight i just kinda wanna lay down in the middle of a field somewhere, and stare at the stars

2003-05-06 20:25:39 ET

I know, its like that here too... Maybe I'll call a few peeps and see if anyone is up for skating the strip.... hmmmm, prolly not though, bieng tuesday night and all....

2003-05-06 20:34:34 ET

tuesday tempted to go lay on the hood of my car and such

2003-05-07 21:03:14 ET

laying on the hood of a car...K, you know that story don't you?

2003-05-07 21:29:45 ET

yep....dew and such,....yep

2003-05-08 00:57:33 ET

ok then i won't tell it again :)

2003-05-08 04:16:42 ET

NNNNO, Tell!

2003-05-08 06:39:53 ET

short short version of a long long story....went with a friend to a friend of her's party....she ended up drunk along with everyone else there so me and harley (that's his first name, don't remember what we actually called him dammit!), the only two sober people there, ended up spending the whole evening and most of the morning on top of her car watching the stars and the sun rise and having the dew set on us...the dew part was rather gross, but the rest was pretty cool.

2003-05-08 09:56:59 ET

always a good story

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