OMG, I witnessed somthing tragic...
2003-05-07 13:45:19 ET

Today was not cool. I was at work today and I decided to go to BK and get breakfast. I ate, all was good, I get into my truck and start pulling out of Burger King. I look left just in time to see a body flying through the air in the street, at first I thought it was a small palm tree or somthing. Then I realised someone had been hit. I haul ass over to the incedent only to find a young 15ish girl. She was wearing a backpack and had a small purse (which contents were strewn across the street), her shoes were knocked off of her. I got closer to her and noticed a large pool of blood emerging from her head, which was face down when I arrived. She had long pretty blonde hair which was quickly turning red. I was horrified. I am a trained combat lifesaver from the Army, but no first aid would even begin to help her. She was bleeding from her ears and face. She tried to get up after a few moments and I stopped her from moving. She started moaning and talking. I told her she was gonna be allright, and that she needed to be still. She told me her name was Yolonda, and she insisted I call her parents. I could not believe she was able to resite her phone number. I told my work partner to call her parents and he did. When he got a hold of them, they were in disbelief. They told my partner, "our girls are in school, you must have the wrong number, and they hung up on him!?!?! He called again and told them her name was Yolonda, and they started to believe it...
She started to choke on her hair which, by then was so full of blood it was sufficating her. I pulled the matted mess out of her face, and told her again she would be ok. At that point the paramedics arrived. The lady who hit her was I guess around 70 years old, she was completely flipped out! I guess anyone would have been. She said "she stepped right out in front of me!" I looked at her car, and her windshield was smashed and the front of her car was damaged ie headlight broke, chrome falling off etc...
The paramedics asked if I had witness the whole thing, and unfortunatly (and fortunatly) I had not. They told me the police would have no reason for a statement so I left.

I would like to say, I hope she lives. She was so young and has so much more life to live. I will and have already prayed for her.

My day was competely destroyed after that.

I am thankful to be safe at home right now.

2003-05-07 15:05:41 ET


2003-05-07 15:19:26 ET

oooh sorry

2003-05-07 18:54:29 ET

aw hell. she was lucky you got to her first.

2003-05-07 19:00:24 ET

I am glad I comforted her, but OMG it is so depressing....

Life is so fuckin fragile...

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