2003-05-07 17:50:22 ET

I should have stayed in bed today....

2003-05-07 17:58:17 ET

You..and me both

2003-05-07 18:36:57 ET

What happened now?!?! and uncle bill feels bad when you call little sis had him in a chockhold and he couldn't really say much of anything o_O

2003-05-07 18:40:14 ET

hey you:)...

Nothing, I found out that the lil girl has broken jaw, broken eye sockets, 4 broken ribs and is in serious condition...:(

2003-05-07 18:41:38 ET

Awww, poor girl :(
I'll be off line in a bit, I'll call ya ;)

2003-05-07 18:42:11 ET


2003-05-07 18:45:33 ET

K, gotta get out of these muddy clothes and shower first, talk to ya in a bit :)

2003-05-07 18:56:36 ET

I stayed in bed most of yesterday. it didn't help, and I was groggy all day today. :P

2003-05-07 19:03:13 ET

I know it don't help, kinda feels glutonous and depressing.
Like self induced sickness....

How are you girl:)?

Good I hope...
How are the sheep?

2003-05-07 19:34:22 ET

I am no longer traumatised as the sheep are somewhere else, facing away from me. It's the little things that count...

I will be fantastic once I finish grading. =) I think I might try the oppositie of staying in bed tomorrow and go to the gym.

2003-05-07 19:38:09 ET

The gym is a great idea...

Since the Army, I stay active (ie skating, running and moderate weight lifting) it seems to make you feel real good when you see positive results.

2003-05-07 19:40:02 ET

it seems to show results fairly fast, too. I know my asthma gets a lot better soon when I do regular cardio/aerobic workouts. I enjoy weight lifting, too. beware the granny bat flaps!

2003-05-07 19:44:52 ET

Asthma is a drag, have you had your whole life?

2003-05-07 19:52:37 ET

no, not until I was 30. I've had allergies my whole life, but not asthma.

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