My other dragon....
2003-05-09 22:21:09 ET

Well, I just got number two, I will post pics tomorrow.

ALSO, I get my son tomorrow. I am so happy.

Ihope all of you are well...

2003-05-10 03:50:52 ET

Good Mornin DH

2003-05-10 04:31:43 ET

Good Morning UL:)

2003-05-10 04:32:18 ET

I am about to leave to go pick up my son!!!! YAY!!!

2003-05-10 11:01:35 ET

ooooh have fun today =)

2003-05-10 11:53:16 ET

sounds like good times are immanent. enjoy both the son and the new tat. :)

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