I am sooooooooooooo playin hookie...
2003-05-12 05:13:57 ET

I am boycotting this Monday. I am such a jerk, I called in to my work and used my son as an excuse not to be able to make it in. Monday's suck.
Oh well. I need to order a bunch of things today for my engine rebuild thing I got going anyway. Here is my son on Saturday... I am so damn happy to have him:)

2003-05-12 05:15:52 ET

have fun boycotting.

2003-05-12 05:18:04 ET

Absolutly.... Thanks...

Happy Monday to you too!

2003-05-12 05:18:47 ET

adorable! :)

2003-05-12 05:19:51 ET

Thanks Jolie...

I am quite proud of him myself... It is worth skipping work to play with him:)

2003-05-12 05:41:56 ET

i bet it is. i would do the same :)

2003-05-12 05:45:55 ET

your son is gorgeous

2003-05-12 05:54:24 ET

Thanks JJJ

He is chillin watching transformers now...

2003-05-12 05:55:45 ET

your welcome...i love little kids hehe :)

2003-05-12 19:18:55 ET

DH i swear you have the cutest mini you. He's adorable

2003-05-12 19:29:56 ET

lol. he does look like DH doesn't he?

2003-05-12 19:34:26 ET

exactly.... a mini DH

2003-05-12 19:38:48 ET

did we just tell DH that he's a cutie? ;)

2003-05-12 19:49:51 ET

dont we always

2003-05-12 19:54:36 ET

You ladies are somthing else...

Jake to me actually looks more like his Mom I think... But thats ok, cause she is an attractive person...

~blushes and hides in the corner~

2003-05-12 20:07:19 ET

awwwww *awww's you*

2003-05-12 20:10:39 ET

UL is the hottie... She makes me wish I was taller... ;)

2003-05-12 20:16:15 ET

you should be taller...the whole, you being able to stare directly at me and see nothing but my boobs, is a tad odd

2003-05-12 20:17:12 ET

OMG can I please climb you?

2003-05-12 20:24:12 ET

*laughs* alrighty then.....hows about them cubs

2003-05-12 20:24:54 ET

I WON, I WON...lol

The Cubs... I hate football!

2003-05-12 20:33:40 ET

fine fine you win...(cause i let ya)

i like the Titans but thats it

2003-05-12 20:42:32 ET

You are soooooo not trying to start a sport conversation are you?

I honestly don't know or care who is or was in the Super Bowl.

But, I can do an allyoop pornstar on a handrail....

2003-05-12 20:45:36 ET

can you do a sacktap...I CAN

2003-05-12 20:47:45 ET

ok, fine...be that way.... you win, wtf is a sacktap?

2003-05-12 20:49:47 ET

board between your legs....tap your sack. I can do it...on Tony Hawks proskater4....But DAMNIT i can still do it

2003-05-12 20:51:55 ET

OIC, I am an oldschool skateboarder, but after I found my inline skills, I was instantly hooked. It seems more fluid and technical to me...

2003-05-12 20:54:42 ET

I, love to inline, i really do...but i love driving more than that...backroads, high speeds...ahhh thats my thrill

2003-05-12 21:09:13 ET

Here is the allwheeldrive Eclipse my exwife got from me in the Divorce...

That incident alone made me skate...

Thats was my 96 Elipse GSX...

2003-05-13 05:00:49 ET

damn, dude, those are some wheels!

get a motorcycle! ;)

2003-05-13 12:27:50 ET

oooh that car makes me melt....

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